Salinas Jail

31625 Highway 101, Soledad, Salinas , CA, 93906
Salinas Jail
31625 Highway 101, Soledad, Salinas , CA 93906
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Salinas Jail

The Monterey County Jail is operated by the Monterey County Office of the Sheriff. The facility is widely referred to as the Salinas jail as it is located on Natividad Road in Salinas, California. The jail houses about 1100 inmates which includes both males and females. The inmates at the facility are a mix of sentenced inmates and those who are awaiting trial.  In order to avoid waiting for your court date while in jail, contact a good Salinas bail bonds company. Inmates arrive at the facility from all police agencies operating in the county, from the California Department of Corrections, the Probation Department and from the Monterey County Superior Court of California.

The Salinas jail uses a variety of technologies to assure the efficient and proper processing of inmates including secure transfers and releases. For example, inmates are processed by using iris scans and both digital imaging and fingerprinting. The entire booking process is computerized to assure accurate record keeping and to help cross reference inmates with information from other police departments and correctional facilities. Computerized records also help the facility staff to provide accurate information on inmates to the press and the public through various sources including via the Sheriff’s website. Some inmates at the facility may have access to video conferencing for arraignments and other proceedings which can help to speed the legal process to facilitate timely disposition of charges.

The Jail Facility

The facility is divided into 31 housing units. These units vary widely from single jail cells to dormitory style facilities. Inmates are assigned into units based on behavior and security factors as well as facility openings. Those housed at the jail are grouped so as to assure the safety of the inmates, support staff, guards and the facility itself. Inmates are given access to a variety of social and rehabilitative activities including chapel, library, commissary and telephones. Various mental health groups and therapies are also provided to inmates. Sentenced inmates often perform work functions, both with-in the jail and in the outside community. Outside work includes caring for the grounds of the Sheriff’s Department facilities and picking up litter along public highways.

It is estimated that about 30 percent of the inmate population at the jail is a member of widely recognized gang. The jail has an active anti-gang program to gain knowledge of gang activities both in the jail and in the outside community and to reduce the likelihood of inmates returning to gang life after discharge from the facility. The jail has a large mental health treatment program and about 15 percent of all of the jail’s inmates are currently prescribed medicines for psychiatric conditions. Large numbers of inmates also participate in substance abuse groups. Educational and vocational classes are also offered and utilized by a large portion of the inmates in the facility to help them build skills and increase post-release employment opportunities. Inmates are provided services from facility medical, dental and psychiatric professionals and support personnel. In addition to facility employees, over 200 volunteers from various organizations provide services to the inmates in the jail.

Visitation and Mail

Visitors are allowed at the jail, but the hours for visitation vary depending on the unit where a prisoner is held. Each of the 31 units has its own weekly visiting time. Inmates can have visits of up to one hour with one adult and one child. Two adults may visit, but each will only get 30 minutes of visitation. Inmates may receive mail, but greeting cards cannot be sent into the facility. The Monterey County Jail should not be confused with the nearby Salinas Valley State Prison which is located in Soledad, California. The two correctional facilities are about 30 minutes apart.

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