Salinas Court

240 Church Street , Salinas , CA, 93901
Salinas Court
240 Church Street , Salinas , CA 93901
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Salinas Court

The departments and services of the Monterey County Superior Court system are distributed over five buildings in Salinas, Monterey, and Marina, California.  The Salinas court is the location of the court date for many people awaiting trial.  If you are in this position, you could probably benefit for a skilled Salinas bail bonds company.

The county seat of Monterey County was originally in the city of Monterey when the state of California was segmented into 27 counties in 1850. Construction of the courthouse was completed in 1878. Later, when a decision was made to run the railroad through the valley instead of the coast, the seat of government was transferred inland to Salinas.

Salinas Court

The main courthouse for Monterey Superior Court is located at 240 Church Street in Salinas CA 93901. This three-story building houses 14 departments, including misdemeanor and felony arraignments and trials, judicial administration, domestic violence, and drug offenses. Telephone: (831) 775-5400.

Salinas Annex

The Salinas Annex is located around the corner from Salinas Court at 118 W. Gabilan Street. Services here include treatment courts for veterans, drugs and DUI, as well as court business relating to criminal and civil mental health, deferred entry of judgment, juvenile dependency, and Proposition 36 (Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000). Telephone: (831) 775-5400

Juvenile Delinquency Department and Monterey County Probation Department

Juvenile delinquency courts are situated at 1422 Natividad Rd., Salinas, CA 93906, on the opposite side of US 101 from the Salinas Court. The mission of the Juvenile Division is to protect the citizens of Monterey County by working to diminish the severity, frequency and impact of delinquent juveniles in the catchment area. Its activities are broken down into four separate work units:

  • Court Services
  • Field Services
  • Special Services
  • Alternative Programs

The telephone number for juvenile services is (831) 775-5400.

Monterey Courthouse

The Monterey Courthouse is located on the Pacific coast at 1200 Aguajito Road, Monterey, CA 93940. This is a distance of 22 km southwest of the Salinas campus. The functions of probate, civil law, family law, small claims, and restraining orders for civil harassment and domestic violence are housed here. Telephone: (831) 647-5800. A self-help center is on the first floor of the courthouse and is open from 8am to 4pm.

Marina Courthouse

Located near Marina State Beach at 3180 Del Monte Blvd., Marina, CA 93933, the Marina Courthouse provides the services of child support, traffic and juvenile traffic. Telephone: (831) 883-5300. The clerk’s office is open from 8am to 4pm and during the lunch hour.

Court Holidays

The courts observe 13 holidays in accordance with Rule 987 of the California Rules of Court.

Courthouse Security

Full-time security personnel are stationed at all courthouse buildings. All persons entering or exiting the buildings are expected to go through security screening. In those buildings that have an x-ray machine, visitors are asked to remove all metal objects (watches, coins, keys, belt buckles, etc.), place them in a plastic bin and then proceed through the metal detector. For buildings without an x-ray machine, visitors should be prepared to have their bags searched by security personnel.

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