Robert Presley Detention Center

4000 Orange St, Riverside, CA, 92501
Robert Presley Detention Center
4000 Orange St, Riverside, CA 92501
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Robert Presley Detention Center

Robert Presley Detention Center is one of five correctional facilities within Riverside County California.  If a loved one is being held at one of these facilities, you’ll probably need the help of a good Riverside bail bonds company. The facilities are run by the Corrections Department within the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. Each of the five facilities has their own rules for visitors, mail, money, and property.

Mail Services

Mail is a large form of communication for between inmates and their family, friends, and legal counsel. An inmate is allowed to send and receive unlimited mail. Mail is separated into two different categories, regular correspondence and legal/special correspondence.

With regular correspondence, all incoming mail is inspected prior to being given to the inmate. It is illegal to do any of the following with regular mail:

  • Transmit contraband, such as drugs
  • Discuss or erect an escape plan
  • Discuss criminal conspiracies
  • Discuss any other criminal activities

Incoming regular mail must have a full return address including name and address. It must be typed or written on the envelope. A stick on return address label is not allowed. Also, it must have the inmates full name and booking number. There is a very extensive list of items that are not allowed to be included in regular mail. To see the full list you can visit

Legal/Special correspondence are those that come from a state or federal official; city, county, state or federal official having responsibility for the parole, probation, or custody of an inmate; state and federal judges and courts; facility commander; and/or any attorney registered with a bar association. Legal mail will be inspected in front of the inmate. For the mail to be considered, it must contain the attorney’s full name, the firm name,”Legal Mail.”

Inmates are allowed to have money in an account to pay for snacks, hygiene products, writing materials, and co-pays for non-emergency medical services. The money can be put into an inmates account in 4 different ways. A person can deposit money through Access Corrections either online or by phone. The online method charges a service fee. Money can also be deposited using cash or a credit card through one of the kiosks located at the jail. The final way to deposit money is to send or bring in a money order to the jail. At no time are you allowed to send or hand deliver cash, gift cards, credit cards, or phone cards to an inmate. To claim money that is left in the inmates account after their release, a claim form with supporting documentation must be mailed to the Sheriff’s Office. The mailing address and email address for the Unclaimed Money Department can be found on the Sheriff’s website.

Any property that an inmate has upon being booked into a facility will be held in the property area of the jail. The property can be picked up by a friend or family member if the inmate signs a property release form. A friend or family member is allowed to bring clothes for court, prescription medications, legal documents, and checks that need to be signed. You will want to contact Robert Presley Detention Center directly for the hours and policies regarding dropping off such property.


Friends and family of inmates often want to come visit. An inmate is limited to a maximum of two visits within a seven day period. Each visit will last approximately 45 minutes. At Robert Presley Detention Center, visiting schedules are done by housing unit. You can check their website to verify which housing unit the inmate is in and what the specific visiting hours and days are for that unit. To schedule a visit with an inmate, you must call the day prior. There are no visits allowed without a prior appointment scheduled. Each inmate is allowed up to 2 adults and 2 children during each visit. Visitors must check in prior to the visit. This is done between 10 and 20 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. It is important to remember that all visitors can be subject to search of their person and/or their belongings.

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