Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center

18000 Institution Rd, San Bernardino, CA, 92407
Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center
18000 Institution Rd, San Bernardino, CA 92407
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Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center

The Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center is located in Devore, California. This center consists of three inmate-housing facilities. Glen Helen houses male and female inmates who have been sentenced. If someone you know is being held there, you could probably use the help of a good San Bernardino bail bonds company. This center currently has a maximum capacity of 1446 inmates. Currently there are plans in place to remodel two dormitory housing units. Once these dormitories are remodeled, they will have the resources to house 500 pre-trial inmates.

History of Facility

Glen Helens male facility first opened as a work camp in 1960. The site was also used as the Sheriff’s Basic Academy until the site was relocated to the property just North of the jail. Glen Helens female facility first opened in 1988. The facility consisted of three dorm units which primarily housed county sentenced inmates. In 2003, a Maximum Security Unit was added to the complex and currently houses pre-trial and sentenced females. Currently the facility can house 326 inmates.

Rehabilitation Programs

Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center currently offers a Work Release program which allows incarcerated inmates to take classes and become eligible for work release. With permission from the court, an inmate may have the opportunity to be released before his/her release date. This purpose of this is to reteach the individuals how to be productive members of society. If an inmate is approved for Work Release, he/she will be required to wear a GPS ankle transmitter for the rest of their commitment. Another service that is offered at Glen Helen is the Inmate Services Unit (ISU). Teachers, counselors, chaplains, Sheriff’s staff, and volunteers help to provide academic, vocational, and cognitive classes to inmates throughout a twelve step program. ISU works with other agencies to provide programming with the intentions of making the community a safer place.

Visitation Information

Visiting hours for the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center are from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday. In order to visit an inmate in Glen Helen, one must schedule an appointment the day prior to your requested visit. If an individual fails to arrive at the scheduled time, the visit will be cancelled and he/she will have to reschedule. Glen Helen has strict guidelines for inmate visitation, so it is important to review the guidelines before arriving. The guidelines include:

  • Visitations must be scheduled 1 day prior to visitation
  • Visiting days are Tuesday – Saturday
  • Visitors must arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled visit. Late arrivals will not be accepted
  • All visitors, their belonging, and vehicles may be subject to search
  • Visitors are prohibited from bringing cell phones, photographic and recording devices, and tobacco products into the facility
  • Visitor must keep children within arms length. If one fails to maintain control of their child the visit may be terminated
  • All visitors must dress in appropriate attire. Anyone who fails to comply will be denied their visit

Upon arrival for visitation, the visitor must present a valid photo identification issued by a municipal, state, or federal agency. Examples of acceptable identification include: driver’s license, DMV identification card, Department of Defense identification card, Consulate identification card, or a passport.

Mail Guidelines

The mail at Glen Helen is delivered to each housing unit daily. Any outgoing mail must have name, booking number, housing location, and return address of the facility written on the front of the envelope. Any money that is received through incoming mail will bot be processed until the following work day. Do not seal any envelopes that are incoming or outgoing do to scanning purposes. Individuals can prevent mail from being returned by following these guidelines:

  • Do not send blank paper, envelopes, or stamps
  • Do not put perfume, powder, or cologne on the mail
  • Do not kiss the correspondence
  • Do not send stained or dirty letters
  • Do not send more than 10 photographs
  • Do not send anything gang related
  • Do not send nude or partially nude photos or drawings
  • Do not send metal or plastic.
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