Orange County Intake/Release Center

550 N Flower St, Santa Ana, CA, 92703
Orange County Intake/Release Center
550 N Flower St, Santa Ana, CA 92703
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Orange County Intake/Release Center

The Orange County Intake/Release Center IRC is a central men’s jail that’s located on North Flower Street in the city of Santa Ana, California.  If a loved one is being held at this facility, you’ll probably need the help of a good Orange County bail bonds company.

People who want to visit inmates at the OC Intake/Release Center IRC should be aware of rules in advance. Check-in times for housing vary based on specific location. They sometimes begin as early as 7:30 in the morning. They sometimes begin later in the day at 1:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon as well. Window closing times also vary based on housing location.

This center has set meal times each day. Inmates who reside at this jail eat between 10:45 AM and noon on a daily basis. They eat again between 3:30 PM and 5:00PM. It’s important for potential visitors to note that mealtimes can sometimes influence visits. That’s because inmates have the ability to deny any visit requests that take place during these designated time periods. It’s critical for potential visitors to note, too, that visit times can change at any time. Prior alerts aren’t required, either.


Parking is straightforward for people who want to visit the OC Intake/Release Center IRC. People can opt to park right in front of the Santa Ana Police Department. A clear parking location is available there.

Visitation Rules

There are a number of rules that people need to abide to be able to visit this center. Visitors have to present the center with photo identification that’s current and valid. Identification that is provided by the government is the sole form that’s acceptable. The center takes state driver’s licenses, consular cards and passports, to name several examples.

People are permitted to visit inmates for at least half an hour. Inmates can receive single public visits throughout the span of one day.

The center encourages visitors to make arrangements regarding visits beforehand. Doing so can minimize the chances of multiple visitors attempting to meet at the same time or on the same day. This is critical. Inmates at this center are only permitted single visits each day. They, because of that, will have no option but to deny at least one of their multiple visitors.

Inmates can receive visits from two adults at a time. These adults can be joined by a child who is not yet 5 years in age, too. Inmates can also receive visits from single adults alongside two children who are less than 5 years old. Children who visit the center need to be carefully monitored by adults.

People who visit Orange County Intake/Release Center IRC are not permitted to bring in gum, candy, any type of food, pepper spray, lighters, matches or cigarettes. They’re not permitted to bring in weapons, either. If the center classifies any item as being unsuitable for any reason, a visitor will not be permitted to take it inside. Electronic devices are not permitted in the center. People who visit cannot bring in mobile devices, cameras and laptop computers.

Visitors should also put thought and care into their attire. They should refrain from wearing apparel that exposes a lot of skin. They should also refrain from wearing clothing that includes potentially problematic language and images.

People who visit the center also should never be intoxicated. If an individual behaves in a manner that suggests that he or she may be under the influence, he or she won’t be permitted access into the center.

Women who are in the middle of the nursing process sometimes visit this center. They must be subtle while breastfeeding. They must conceal the breastfeeding process to the best of their abilities as well. Women who ignore this policy may be asked to leave for the day.

People who want to be able to meet with inmates must be aware of their specific booking numbers. If an individual doesn’t know an inmate’s number, that can interfere with check-in. People can usually retrieve inmates’ booking numbers easily via the Internet.

Rules for the Central Women’s Jail on North Flower Street are similar. People who want to be able to visit male or female inmates in Santa Ana smoothly and easily should make a point to meticulously review all rules in advance. This can minimize potential problems.

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