Orange County Central Women’s Jail

The Orange County Central Women’s Jail opened in 1968. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s Custody and Courts Commands manages the facility. Its location is in Santa Ana, California. The jail is a traditional facility consisting of cell blocks and dormitories.  Often, inmates need the help of a good Orange County bail bondsman during their stay at the jail. The women’s facility houses 380 inmates. The following information gives details about the different services available for inmates:

Visiting Hours for Central Women’s Jail

The Orange County Central Women’s Jail visitation is available from Friday through Monday. The hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Inmates receive lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. daily. They receive supper from 4:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. each day. A parking structure is available for visitors. Its location is across from the Santa Ana Police Department.

Visitor Rules for Central Women’s Jail

There are rules for visiting inmates at OC Central Women’s Jail. The visitors must show valid photo identifications. Central Women’s Jail only accepts photo identifications issued by the government. Here is a list of some photo ID’s:

• State driver’s license
• State identification card
• Passport
• Consular Card

Central Women’s Jail allows an inmate one visit on each visiting day. These visits are available for 30 minutes. Visitors may show up at different times on a visiting day. The first visitors will be able to spend time with the inmate. Family members and friends should organize visits before coming to the facility. Here are some persons allowed to visit an inmate on visiting day:

• Two adults and one child under 5
• Two visitors and one child under 5
• One adult and 2 children under 5

Services Available at the Central Women’s Jail

There are some services available for women inmates at the Central Women’s Jail. Here is a list of those services:

• Medical
• Mental health
• Dental care
• Religious services
• Vocational and educational programs
• Mail
• Local newspaper
• Commissary purchases
• Outdoor recreation
• Television
• Work in the facility kitchen (sentenced inmate)
• Labor crews (sentenced inmate)
• Community Work Program (eligible inmate)
• Electronic Monitoring Program (eligible inmate)

Inmate Accounts

Inmates may have up to $500 on their accounts. They may receive government issued checks. These checks must be payable to the inmate. Money orders must be payable to the “Orange County Sheriff’s Department.” The inmate’s name and booking number should be on the reference line of the money order. The funds are available 30 minutes after completion of the transaction. There are some unacceptable funding methods for inmate accounts:

• Personal checks
• Cashier checks
• Traveler’s checks

Bail-Cash Payments

Inmates may be eligible to bail out of jail. The Intake Release Center Jail Cashiering Office accepts funds for bail. Here are some funding methods for the inmate’s bail:

• Cash
• Bank cashier’s checks
• Personal checks
• Money orders
• Traveler’s checks

Bail Bond

Bail bond agencies post bonds for inmates to get out of jail. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department cannot recommend bail bond agencies to people. The Theo Lacy Jail Facility accepts bonds during the Jail Cashiering Hours of Operation. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department Intake Release Center (IRC) accepts bonds 24 hours a day. The facilities will fingerprint the person bringing the bond.

Acceptable Mail Items

Inmates can send and receive mail. The facility can search mail before its delivery. Here are some guidelines for mail items:

• Should contain inmate’s name and booking number
• Should have sender’s name and address
• Print materials shipped from accepted distributors (Amazon, Walmart)
• Stamps and envelopes from USPS online store
• Approved secure boxes
• One pair of prescription non-decorative plastic eyeglasses
• Two boxes of contacts
• Maximum of 10 items per envelope

Unacceptable Mail Items

The facility will not accept certain mail items. These items may jeopardize public safety or facility order. These items may also violate state or federal law. The following list contains these items:

• Hardcover, vinyl, leather-bound, and used books
• Magazines and photographs suggesting sex
• Photographs or materials showing unlawful activities
• Items containing foil, glass, wood, and other hard materials
• Food items
• Clothing and hygiene items
• Third-party letters

OC Central Women’s Jail has different services available for inmates. Some of these services include medical care, dental care, vocational and educational programs. Some inmates may bail out of jail using certain funding methods. They can also use a bonding agency.

Orange County Central Womens Jail

If you are looking to find inmates in Orange County jail, you need to follow the below steps

  • A written request to booking an appointment or book an appointment by call is obligatory.
  • Search county number or local directory phone book or Call (407) 836-8061.
  • You should arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes earlier than the appointment time. (You will ask the reason for the appointment on a phone call)

Note. Every person will be scanned before going to meet the inmate in jail to avoid illegal possessions.

Yes, it is possible to happen if both parties agree to meet at a certain time but usually, it happens very often.


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