Crime & Bail in Placerville

With the high rate of diverse crimes that occur in the Placerville area, mix-ups do happen, and wrongful arrests are not as uncommon as many people might think.

In situations like these, obtaining a bond through a bail bond agent may be necessary to make sure a person can get out of jail quickly to recover the money and time they have had to expend for a crime they did not commit. And in cases where a crime was committed in Placerville, and the individual lacks the funds to cover bail on their own, getting out of jail quickly with the help of a bond agency can make the difference between a lesser and a more severe charge later on in court.

Statistically, the level of crime in Placerville ranks substantially above the countrywide average. This includes all towns and cities in the United States from the smallest to the biggest, yet the community’s statistic of 34 crimes occurring for every 1,000 inhabitants actually is not one of the very worst crime rates in the country. The likelihood of being the target of either violence or home thefts in Placerville is about 1 in 30, and along with the crime statistics provided by the FBI, it is apparent that Placerville is not one of the most secure townships in the United States. In comparison with the rest of the state, Placerville’s crime rate is greater than over 80% of California’s towns and cities, big and small. Also Read about Oroville crime stats

Perhaps most notably, when comparing Placerville to other towns with comparable populace sizes, it becomes clear that Placerville’s crime rate (including both violent and theft-related offenses) is a good deal higher than the national median. Irrespective of Placerville’s standing at any given time in relation to the many different-sized cities throughout America, at the time that it was compared to other areas with equivalent population sizes by NeighborhoodScout, its statistical crime rate for every 1,000 occupants stood out as being above the majority.

The crime information used by NeighborhoodScout for completing their evaluation was culled from criminal offenses listed in the UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting) program files. The facts of these crimes (which include violence, theft, and other criminal acts mixed together) are routinely sent from about 18,000 regional police forces to the FBI and stored centrally.

Violent Crime Statistics in Placerville

Narrowing in on violent crimes specifically, in Placerville, the rate of criminal violence is among the highest in all the country, including everywhere from small towns to major metropolitan areas. Some of the specific violent crimes reported were murder, manslaughter, rape, aggravated theft, and various assault charges. Based on NeighborhoodScout’s assessment of the criminal offense info listed by the FBI, the probability that a person will be the target of a violent offense in Placerville is 1 out of 179.

Property Crime Statistics in Placerville

The research by NeighborhoodScout also shows that the property crime rate in Placerville is 28 for each 1,000 people. This means that in Placerville, the odds are higher than average that a person will be a casualty of property crime, in comparison to the other residential areas of all sizes in the USA. The property crimes referenced include grand theft auto, arson, breaking and entering, and theft. The odds of being the target of these types of criminal acts in Placerville was listed as 1 in 36.

The assessment specifically mentions that the auto theft rate in Placerville is among the highest in the entire country, and that includes communities of many different sizes and populations all over the United States. An individual’s risk for having his or her vehicle stolen while living in Placerville is 1 out of 278.

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