San Rafael Safety Stats

San Rafael is one of the larger medium-sized cities along the coast. Like many other cities in the state and throughout the country, it has its share of crime, both violent and non-violent.

The simple fact there is any type of crime makes the accessibility to a good bail bondsman quite important.


San Rafael is a coastal city that includes a total of 52,236 people and 13 neighborhoods. It ranks as the 149th largest city in California. The city is predominantly white-collar; 86.81 percent of the working class holds white-collar jobs, a figure that substantially exceeds the national average. For the most part, San Rafael’s residents are employed as service providers, office workers, professionals, and sales staff. Telecommuting is quite popular in San Rafael with approximately 7.6 percent of employees working from home, one of the highest in the nation.

San Rafael is a very diverse city in terms of ethnic origin. Most of the residents profess to be part of a variety of racial-ethnic origins. The majority of residents claim to be Caucasian than Asian. There is also a large Hispanic population that comprises 28.91 percent of the population of San Rafael. There are also a substantial number of residents who were born in other countries (28.18 percent).

San Rafael Crime Statistics

When it comes to safety, the city of San Rafael ranks 19th out of 100. In terms of percentage, this means San Rafael is safer than 19 percent of all other cities within the United States.

Crimes per annum:

Violent 201
Property 1,696

Crimes per annum for every 1,000 residents:

Violent 3.39
Property 28.63

The national median figure for violent crime potential is 3.8 for every 1,000 residents. This compares to one in 295 in San Rafael or an overall total of one in 252 for the entire state of California.

The violent crimes in San Rafael by type are:

Murder 0
Rape 28 (.47 for every 1,000 residents)
Robbery 55 (.93 for every 1,000 residents)
Assault 118 (1.99 for every 1,000 residents)

The national median for crimes against property is 26.0 compared to 28.63 in the city of San Rafael. Chances are one in 36 a resident of San Rafael who will become a victim of a crime against property. This compares to one in 41 for the entire state of California.

Other statistics on property crimes in San Rafael include:

Burglary 287 (4.84 for every 1,000)
Theft 1,143 (19.30 for every 1,000)
Motor Vehicle Theft 266 (4.49 for every 1,000)

San Rafael, California violent crime, on a scale ranging from one (low crime) to 100, is 57. Violent crime is comprised of four offenses: murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. The average in the entire United States is 41.4.

Property crime, on the other hand, is 47 on a scale that ranges from one to 100. These offenses include burglary, theft of motor vehicles, grand larceny, and arson. The average throughout the United States is 43.5.

While these statistics may vary slightly, it is because of the difference between the types of crimes that are included in the figures as well as the time frame that is covered when compiling the statistics. Variances are to be expected because of the different crimes that are included and how they are measured.

Although the statistics appear favorable in some respects, the fact that San Rafael ranks 19 out of 100 for cities that are safe places to live doesn’t really provide a lot of hope for those who are looking for safe places to raise their families. Certainly, the fact it is a medium/large city accounts for many of the higher numbers and is to be expected, especially for a coastal town. On the positive side is the fact there are no reports of murders, and when you look at the statistics for property crimes for every 1,000 residents, the figures are better than many other places. Even with no murders reported since 2011, there is still enough criminal activity to give the average bail bondsman busy.