Marysville Crime

Marysville has one of the highest crime rates in America, both for violent crimes and property crimes.

More concerning is that the rate of crime in Marysville compares to the other bigger cities of California, even in the rest of the United States.  Due to the high crime rates, many people will need the help of a good bondsman. In a city with a population of 12,231 there have already been seven cases of rape, 8 cases of robbery and 72 cases of assault. There has only been one report of a murder in Marysville this year so far. Other cases of violent crime tracked are non-negligent manslaughter, armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Common Crimes

A lot of the crimes that take place in Marysville is property crime. There is a one in 22 chance one can become a victim of property crime. Most of these property crime cases involve motor vehicle theft. As a matter of fact. Marysville has one of the highest incidence of motor vehicle theft in the country, where the chances of getting your car stolen is one in ninety.

Some common crimes can be misdemeanors, driving while intoxicated and failure to comply with the conditions of probation. In any case, getting a bondsman should be your next priority. Bail bonds are a good option to ensure that you or your love one get released immediately pending your trial.

Bail bond agencies help people get loved ones from jail without requiring postage of the entire bond amount. A bail bond agency will:
• Collect a specific percentage of the total bail amount as prescribed by law
• Guarantees the court that the defendant will appear to all hearings required.
It may be an awkward, sometimes even a traumatic experience being in the situation of you or a loved one being arrested. Looking for a bondsman should be as simple as going online or locating one at a local courthouse. Some of these bondsmen may be independent or work for a chain of bail bond companies.

How to Secure a Bail Bond

To begin, the best thing to do first is to get basic information like name and date of birth and date of arrest information on hand. Having this information on hand will save you a lot of trouble and time and get the bond release much quicker.

Cash would usually be the ideal to lay down a bond. But if cash will not be available, you may need to place a car, your home or valuables as collateral. If you lay your car as collateral and you do not appear in court, you could lose your car.

Always remember that the bond amount is fixed. The bondsman will not be able to charge you for the bond’s full amount. If your chosen bondsman doubles as your attorney, the amount may also apply to attorney fees. This is a very good option especially as that you will need representation.

You, or your loved one who was arrested must appear in court or you can lose the bond. You will also be held in contempt of court for not showing up. For any reason you will not be able to show up in court during the designated court date, please tell your bondsman. They might be able to help with the situation.

Despite the verdict, you will receive your collateral back. This will be, of course, minus the payment for the bondsman and his services.

Some Tips for Securing Bail Bonds

Only deal with a licensed bail bond agent. You may ask to see the bail agency license or identification prior to any bail transaction.

They should only charge you the legal rate approved by the state insurance department. If there are any additional charges, they should be itemized and explained. Also, get an itemized receipt of all your charges. With this you should receive a surety company numbered receipt.

If financing is provided, take the time to read all of the terms and agreements prior to signing. Keep copies of all signed contracts and agreements.

Remember that you are not only paying for the bond, you are also paying for the service of the bondsman. If you have any doubts, seek the advice of an attorney.

With crime rates on the rise, it can really be good to know that there are ways you and your loved ones can get out of the tangle of being on the other side of the law.
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