Crime in Auburn

Auburn, CA is a small residential community in the Northern California foothills with nearly 14,000 occupants.

It is the county seat of Placer County and scenically situated adjacent to Interstate 80, between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Auburn is a true blend of Americana with both rich and poor neighborhoods, white and blue collar workers, and a racially diverse population. There are no neglected or run down areas within the city’s boundaries. Real estate prices are on the high side, but not as nearly as expensive as the major metropolitan areas of California.

Auburn’s labor force is predominately office and sales related and, amongst the workers, there is an unusually high rate of college educated professionals. More than 10 percent of the residents work from home or have home based businesses. Known for its involvement in and connection with the California Gold Rush era, Auburn is a registered California Historical Landmark. The city also bears the title of the Endurance Capitol of the World because it is home to the Auburn State Recreation Area where more endurance events for sporting are held than anywhere else on the earth.

Crime Details

While the lifestyle in Auburn is very friendly and relaxed, it does have its share of crime. The good news, according to the latest available USA data, is that the overall crime statistics for Auburn indicate a 43 percent lower rate than in other California cities and a 39 percent lower rate than across the United States.

During the last reportable year of law enforcement information, there was no hate motivated crimes on record. However, this same reporting cycle lists a total of 340 recorded criminal events. While 340 crimes in a population of 14,000 might seem a bit on the high side, there is less than a 2.5 percent probability that anyone in the community will be involved in a crime. This percent rate is far below the national average of over 4 percent. These crimes included one murder, two rapes, eight robberies, 33 assaults, 65 burglaries, 193 property thefts, 37 vehicle thefts, and one arson.

The overall safety, security, and harmony within Auburn’s living environment is good. The Auburn police force is well trained and continuously monitors both the commercial and residential areas with drive by surveillance, neighborhood watch, and local community based participation programs. The combined efforts of the local merchants, residents, and police personnel have been productive in their ability to reduce Auburn’s crime rate by 5.3 percent from the previous law enforcement reporting cycle. If the city’s criminal activities continue to decline, Auburn will soon be a candidate for one of the spots on the Top-Ten Best Places to Live in America.

Bail Bonds

Just as anywhere else in America, when alleged criminals are arrested and held at a police station, they are entitled to legal counsel. And, depending on the severity of the offense, an arrested individual may not need to remain in custody until there is a hearing. The suspect may be able to contact a Bail Bondsman for help in securing and posting a bond that will enable him or her to remain free while awaiting further legal actions. A local, licensed, professional bail bondsman fully understands the legal proceedings in the community, knows how to file all required documents, and has the experience to expedite the release process.

The justice in the bail bond system is based on the belief that an alleged felony will use his or her time away from a jail cell to seek the advice and services of an experienced, state licensed, Auburn criminal defense attorney, to gather any available evidence that can utilized to prove his or her innocence, and to appear in court when his or her case is scheduled. Yes, there are individuals who commit crimes, but not all arrested individuals are criminals, and these individuals deserve the right to use the legal opportunities available to clear their names.
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