San Francisco Court

400 McAllister St, San Francisco , CA, 94102
San Francisco Court
400 McAllister St, San Francisco , CA 94102
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San Francisco Court

People who have legal cases in the San Francisco Court can expect their matters to be heard at one of the court’s four locations. The types of cases are divided between the different locations, so it is important for people to understand where to go when it is time for their court hearing.  If you are waiting for your court date, a San Francisco bail bonds company could assist you in securing your freedom until your scheduled court date.

Civic Center Courthouse

Located at 400 McCallister Street in San Francisco, the Civic Center Courthouse has been open since 1998. At this court, people who have probate matters, family law cases, civil matters and some types of criminal cases have their cases heard. People who are interested in representing themselves will also find the self-help center located within this building.

Hall of Justice

The Hall of Justice, located at 850 Bryant Street, is where the bulk of criminal cases are heard. People who are scheduled for court appearances in the Hall of Justice should check the monitor on the wall outside of Room 101. This monitor displays the divisions where individual cases are scheduled to be held each day. Besides criminal cases, traffic matters are also heard in the Hall of Justice.

Polk Street Annex

Located down the street from the Civic Center Courthouse, the Polk Street Annex can be found at 575 Polk Street. This is the location for social services matters, and a courtroom is located in the annex as well.

Youth Guidance Center

Juvenile matters, including those involving traffic cases, are heard at the Youth Guidance Center. This facility is located at 375 Woodside Avenue. The delinquency court is within the center, and its stated objective is to help protect both the young people who appear there as well as the community.

Children’s Waiting Rooms

People who are scheduled for jury duty, the families of defendants and witnesses in cases at either the Civic Center Courthouse or the Hall of Justice may want to know about the availability of the Children’s Waiting Rooms located in both buildings. These are places where infants, children and teenagers who accompany people to court are allowed to wait. People must complete the registration forms in order to use the services that are provided. The rooms have a limit of eight children at a time, meaning that availability is not guaranteed. The forms are available at the two court locations and must be submitted no later than 10 to 15 minutes before care is needed.

Mint Cafe

People who have business in the Civic Center Courthouse will find the Mint Cafe located on the lower level. Here, people can select from a breakfast or lunch menu while on breaks or while waiting.

No matter the reason people have business at the San Francisco Court, whether it is for their own cases, for jury duty, to serve as witnesses in scheduled cases or simply to attend in support of others, it is important for them to make certain they are aware of the time, the division and the building in which their hearings are scheduled. It is also important for people to arrive well before their scheduled hearings to make certain they have sufficient time to pass through security.

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