Oakland Court

661 Washington Street , Oakland, CA, 94607
Oakland Court
661 Washington Street , Oakland, CA 94607
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Rene C. Davidson Courthouse

Rene C. Davidson Courthouse at 1225 Fallon Street in Oakland, California was constructed in 1934 on the edge of Lake Merritt. Named for the long time County Recorder whose office was located in the building upon its completion, the Rene C. Davidson Court is part of the Alameda County Superior Court system. Individuals who are awaiting trial in one of the superior courts might be working with an Oakland bail bonds company.

Most notably, the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse was the scene for the trial of Yusuf Bey IV in 2011, the bakery owner convicted of murdering Chauncey Bailey, an Oakland Post journalist who was on the verge of publishing an unfavorable newspaper story about Bey and his business dealings.
The courthouse was also the setting for a 2008 Mythbusters episode wherein the mythbusters tried to reenact a jailbreak scenario using items available to jailed inmates. Using only toilet tissue, bedsheets and human hair, the team tried to disprove the potential for jailbreak by creating homemade ropes of these items, then lowering themselves down the facade of the courthouse.

The Rene C. Davidson Courthouse does have an American with Disabilities Act Coordinator on-site, for people with disabilities who need accommodations for their appearance, attendance or jury duty. There is not a Children’s Waiting Room at this courthouse. About 16 judges preside over courtrooms within this facility of the Oakland Court.
Family law Facilitators, Alternative Dispute Resolution and a Self-Help Center are also available to the public at this Oakland courthouse.

Parking and Entering the Building

A 12-floor building, the courthouse is entered by the public on the 12th Street side, near Oak Street. A parking garage called Alcopark is operated by Alameda County on Jackson Street between 12th and 13th Streets. The general public can park there for court appearances and other business for the rate of $7.00 per day. Jurors are able to park for $6.00 per day with validation. Street meters are also available near the courthouse on a first-come, first-served basis.

Driving Directions

The Rene C. Davidson Courthouse is easily accessible using public transportation, by car and by pedestrians. The Lake Merritt BART station conveniently serves the courthouse and nearby businesses, as well as the lake. Leaving the BART station, simply head northeast on Oak Street toward 9th Street. Turn right on 12th Street and the courthouse is on the left.
Drivers on freeways can access the Oak Street exit from I-880 North from San Jose. From I-580 West, the courthouse is accessible from the I-980 connector and its Jackson Street exit. Drivers coming from I-80 East can also use the I-580 to I-980 connector route leading to the Jackson Street exit. These routes all bring vehicle drivers to close proximity of the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse, which is visible towering over Lake Merritt at 12th Street and Oak Street.

Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse

The Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse at 661 Washington Street is located on the corner of 6th and Washington Streets. The courthouse is named for an associate justice on the Supreme Court of California who was the first African American serving on the high court. He was known for his community service and an annual award for accomplished lawyers is presented by the State Bar of California each year.


The Wiley W. Manuel building of the Oakland Court does have a children’s waiting room on its third floor, for parents who need to enroll their children during court appearances or jury duty. The court also provides primary and alternate American with Disabilities Act coordinators, for the assistance of those who need special accommodations under the ADA for court appearances or jury duty. Pretrial Services are also available at this Oakland Court, from 830am to 430pm, Monday to Friday.

Directions and Parking

The Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse provides a parking structure at 7th and Jefferson Streets. Public transportation is convenient for those needing to reach the courthouse. BART stations at Oakland City Center/12th Street and Lake Merritt both serve the courthouse location.
Drivers using I-880 north into Oakland exit at Broadway. Those using I-980 into Oakland use the 11/12th Street exit, then proceeding to 7th Street, turning left and following it to Washington Street.

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