Why Choose Espinoza Bail Bonds?

When a family member or close friend goes to jail, the remaining loved ones will want to help with the bail bonds process. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a lot of experience with the process so it can be overwhelming, confusing and a touch frightening for all parties involved.  Espinoza Bail Bonds is here to help the process go quickly and as easy as possible.

Choosing a bail bonds company is one of the most important considerations for removing a loved one from jail. It’s imperative that the bail bonds company is made up of professionals that know what they are doing.

The Bail Process

The process of bailing someone out of jail refers to the amount of money paid to the court to release the prisoner. Once the prisoner is released, the bail helps to ensure that the defendant shows up for their court date. A prisoner who doesn’t show up for court can cause the bail to be forfeited. Often, defendants will show up for court because they don’t want their loved ones to lose their money. Bail varies depending on the crime, the defendant’s criminal history and the county. The judge in the case sets the bail amount depending on those factors.

Types of Bail

Cash Amounts
If choosing to pay cash, the defendant’s family could choose to deposit the full amount with the court. Unfortunately, many cases can require tens of thousands for the cash bail amount. The more popular option for bailing a loved one out of jail is bail bonds.

Bail Bonds
The bond itself shouldn’t take more than a half hour to obtain, but once the bond is obtained, it could take hours to have the defendant released. The bail bonds company requires a percentage of the total bail up front before they’ll put up the rest of the bond amount with the court. In California, the maximum premium is 10% of the bond requested by the judge.

The Process Explained

When a family member or friend of the defendant asks Espinoza Bail Bonds for help, the company will explain the family’s responsibility when securing the bond. The defendant’s family or friend becomes the cosigner. The cosigner is promising to have the defendant at all his or her court appearances.

Failing to Appear

If the defendant misses court dates or refuses to appear, the judge can issue a warrant for the defendant and the bail is forfeited. This means that the bail bonds company will try to get reimbursement from the defendant for the bail amount. If they can’t, the cosigner will be responsible.

Espinoza Bail Bonds will explain the entire process to the defendant’s family or friend at the time of the first meeting. The process will be explained quickly in simple terms that the loved ones can understand. It’s a difficult situation and Espinoza Bail Bonds wants to make it a smooth, painless process.