No Down Payment Bail Bonds in California

Going to jail is a scary experience. California is known for having some of the toughest jails in the country. If a family member calls from jail and can’t afford bail, then it is common to feel compassion and want to help.

Read on to find out how to bail someone out of jail with no money.

How A Judge Sets The Amount

The trial judge sets the bail amount for a defendant. He or she must consider certain factors. These factors include the defendant’s criminal record, severity of the crime, financial resources, the threat imposed on the community, and the likelihood the defendant flees. After the bail is set, the defendant can pay the full amount, put up collateral or get help from a bondsman.

Talk To A Bail Agent

If you do not have the entire cost of bail bonds in California, then you can get help from a bail bond company California service. The bail process works by allowing the defendant to pay 10 percent and the bondsman paying the remaining balance. The cosigner who takes out the bond is taking on a huge responsibility. He or she is responsible for the defendant showing up to court and the remaining balance of the bond.

The cost of bail bonds in California depends on your area. When money is a concern, families should look for a bail bond with 0% financing, interest-free credit and no down payment bail bonds

Get Released On Own Recognizance

Some families can’t afford bail to get a loved one out of jail. They do not have any cash or collateral to put down. Defendants have the option of being released on their own recognizance (OR). They have to make this request to the judge at their first court appearance. A judge requires defendants to meet certain requirements for this type of release. These requirements include being employed, having close family nearby, no criminal history, being a long-time resident and having a good track record of showing up to court. If the judge denies the OR release, then the defendant should ask for a lower bail.

Ask A Bail Agent About Surety Bonds

A surety bond is one of the ways on how to bail someone out of jail with no money. The cosigner enters into a contract with the bail bond agent. This contract is backed by an agreement with an insurance company. The cosigner and the bondsman also enter into a contract with the insurance company.

The court system needs a guarantee that the defendant shows up in court. If the defendant does not show up, then the courts keep the money from the bail. The backing from the insurance company covers the full bond in case of this circumstance.

Ask About Appearance Bonds

A bail bond company California service can help with obtaining an appearance bond. This type of bail process involves the defendant making an agreement to show up for court and to pay a fee if the agreement is broken. However, defendants can choose between three types of appearance bonds, which includes unsecured zero down bail bonds, partially secured and secured.

A secured appearance bond requires 0% financing when posting the full bond. An unsecured appearance bond is a no down payment bail bonds. The defendant makes an agreement to pay the bond without putting any money down. On the other hand, a partially secured appearance bond is not a zero down bail bonds and may require interest-free credit. It works by posting a percentage of the bond.

Jail is not a fun place and even worse can’t afford bail. If someone gets arrested, then the person usually wants to get released immediately. Families must explore all options when it comes to bailing someone out of jail.