Rehabilitation Centers in California

The criminal justice system in today’s society may sound simple enough, but many people do not fully understand what an individual involved in this process goes through. For starters, when a person is arrested and spends time in jail, there is much more that goes into this than staying captive in a cell. After bail, when the individual is released, they will have to deal directly with parole, probation, fines and of course rehabilitation centers.

California Centers

In California, the point of a rehabilitation center is to make sure that any former inmates aren’t faced with the same issues that originally lead to their jail time. That’s because, ideally when the individual gets released from jail, the person is left with a clean slate to take control of their life the right way this time. If there is the proper rehabilitation program set in place, the former inmate will have the right tools set in motion to succeed in life post-prison.

However, just attending a rehab program won’t be enough to turn a former criminal’s life around. This individual must be placed into the right program for any real life changes to take place. Thankfully, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation takes in a whole slew of factors to ultimately decide which program the offender should enter. This way the former inmate has the best chance of overcoming their past, as well as access to the necessary educational and drug treatment centers.

Rehab Helps

In fact, over time, it has been shown that those with more education have taken part in less criminal activity. Similar to this, those who kick their drug habit also have a better chance of committing less crimes. Even with this being said, many individuals are weary that rehab really works. However, statistics don’t lie. According to the Public Safety and Offender Rehabilitation Services Act of 2007, there are specific benchmarks that must form in order to make up California’s criminal justice system. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has both met and exceeded these benchmarks set forth. Within these programs, there has been numerous evidence that shows that rehab not only lowers the rate of crime, but also helps reduce issues like crowded jails and the tax money used on these jails. In other words, rehabilitation centers ensure that those who were once in jail stay out of those cells once and for good.

The best chances at lowering the overall crime rates in California is by sending former criminals to a rehabilitation center once they exit prison. This will not only benefit the individual themselves, but the whole community as well. Too many times in the past, criminals are bailed out of jail using bail bonds and they don’t truly get to experience the punishment for what they did. The bail bonds set forward let them escape confinement, no matter what they did or who they hurt. That’s why it is crucial that the individual attends a rehabilitation center here. With the right program, they will be left with the tools needed to live a much healthier and crime-free lifestyle.