Newest Bail Bonds Scam

Over the past several years, there have been a number of bail bonds scams that have been perpetrated on the public. There was a popular scam involving the elderly. A grandparent would get a call informing them their grandchild was in jail. They were then told the grandchild would stay there until some money was wired to the jail. In other scams, the caller would claim to be part of law enforcement. The imposter would then demand money be wired so a friend or family member could be released from jail. Now there is a new bail bonds scam that has been successful.

New Scam

The new scam is most often used on people who have a family member that has recently been released from jail. A person calls and tells an individual a few warrants have been discovered against the family member who has recently been released from jail. This person is then informed their family member will be rearrested unless money is wired directly to the corporate office of a bail bonds company. The phone number of the calls are all from California. According to law enforcement officials, this scam has illegally obtained hundreds of dollars from unsuspecting people.

Don’t Wire Funds

Reputable bail bonds agents tell people who receive this type of call to be very suspicious if they are ever asked to wire money. If anyone is asked to provide funds through a wire service, this should create a lot of doubt about the authenticity of the request. It’s important for people to ask questions when getting this type of call. They should automatically try and verify the company and if this is how they operate. A person should try and verify if what they are being told is true before considering wiring money.

Doesn’t Call

It is a very rare set of circumstances when a reputable bail bonds agent would call a family member directly. It is common practice for the defendant to call their family member from where they are being incarcerated to discuss bail. If a person gets a call from someone claiming to be a bail bonds agent representing a family member, they should want to ask their family member some questions. This is a time to ask questions only the family member would know how to answer. The answers provided can let a person know if the individual on the phone has actually spoken with their family member.


It’s difficult for many people to understand the bail bonds industry because they may have never been arrested or had a family member put in jail. It is a very stressful experience to have a loved one arrested and face possible jail time. It’s a time of concern for finances and anxiety over the future. This is why it can be easy for a scammer to take advantage of honest people. It’s important for people to understand a reputable bail bond agent is a licensed professional. They know the system and how to play by the rules. A good bail bonds agent works hard to treat people fair and help them in their time of need.
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