Invasion of Privacy: Penal Code 647(j) PC

The concept of privacy is one that every person wishes to have. This is because it is one of the most fundamental in order to have a peaceful living condition.

Under the Penal Code of California, in case you look through holes or any other opening with the primary intention of invading the privacy of another person through the use of devices, you are liable to be charged with the offense of invasion of privacy. The same applies for places where a person reasonably expects to have privacy. You can apply for a bail bond if accused.

Definition of terms

For the invasion of privacy laws, the following definitions have been afforded to the main terms. Devices include:

  • Periscopes
  • binoculars
  • cameras
  • mobile phones
  • camcorders
  • motion picture camera
  • Any other instruments that the court of law of competent jurisdiction will deem as having the capacity to fall under the definition depending on the case.

The locations that are covered by the privacy law include:

  • The interior part of a bedroom
  • Any room used for purposes of changing clothes
  • Fitting rooms
  • Rooms used for the purpose of dressing
  • Booths that are used for tanning the body
  • Bathrooms of any kind
  • Any other rooms where you would expect to have privacy. This will depend on the circumstances of each case and the courts have the discretion to determine such locations.

The above code sections comprise what is popularly referred to

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