Fridge Raiding Burglars

Every homeowner has to worry about burglaries and other crimes throughout California.

Some do this by attempting to increase home security in any way possible. This still does not always deter some of the many criminals who do attempt burglaries throughout the state. Usually, if an individual is charged with burglary, they are eligible for bail.  One homeowner was aware of this information in San Jose and took the time to prepare for attempted break-ins.

The Break-In

The event took place in August of 2015 in a residential San Jose neighborhood. It appears that three young men managed to break into a home in the area. The burglars immediately began to move methodically through the house examining everything and looking for valuables. It is not known exactly how long the men were in the house although it seems to be longer than normal. The homeowner had installed a good home security system earlier. Part of this system was a camera pointing at the inside of the house. The camera was focused on the kitchen. It initially caught the men walking around on the outskirts of the camera’s range.

It was not long before the burglars turned to the kitchen area itself. One man walked squarely into the view of the camera and didn’t appear to notice it. He stopped at a stainless steel refrigerator, opened the door and began to look inside intently. He eventually turned and walked away. The camera catches the boys in the living room in the background. They are going through every cabinet, drawer and surface desperately seeking valuables. The burglars also appear to start gathering up valuables like laptops and stacking then in the living room.

Two of the burglars finally walk back into the kitchen. One seems to be holding a box from a store or that was shipped through the mail. He stops to open it on the kitchen counter. The other man approaches the refrigerator again, starts to reach into it and emerges with some food. He passes out sodas to his fellow burglars. The man then opens a carton of orange juice and starts drinking directly from the container. The drink lasts for almost 10 consecutive seconds. The burglars finally finish in the kitchen and take the beverages into the next room. One of them does return later to go through the cabinets looking for a towel.

Their Option with Bail

The video clearly shows the three men all wearing blue shorts, white t-shirts and blue baseball caps. The San Jose Police Department managed to catch one man in November after releasing the video. Everth Amador is 21 years old and will be detained until trail. His only option to get out is through a bail bond. He can contact a bail bond agency, pay a percentage of the total amount and be released until the first trial date. He does not have to pay the full bail amount unless he misses a hearing. The other two burglars appear to be between 18 and 22 years old. They are still at large being pursued by the San Jose police. First-degree residential burglary can result in up to six years in state prison and extensive fines.

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