Bail Best For Pretrial Release

The bail bonds process clocks in when someone is arrested. When people are arraigned, the judges get to set bail for those people. These bail numbers are often handled by a bail bonds company. The commercial numbers involved in a bail are meant to keep people around until their trial, and the bail bond process helps the judge to make sure this happens. The steps below show how these large numbers will make sure someone stays in town for their trial.

The Large Number

A large number that is set for bail is handled by the bail bondsman. The bail bondsman makes sure that they are funding the money, and the person who is paying the bond puts up 10%. Even though 10% sounds like a small number, this number can amount to a great deal of money. People who have put out this much money will not want to lose it, and they can only get it back if people appear in court.

The Collateral

When people use collateral to go through the bond process on a large amount, they are even more likely to make good on that amount. The judge knows that people do not want to lose their homes or property, and they will have to use these things to get enough collateral to make bail work. When the judge sets these high numbers, they are helping to make sure people are financially committed. This ensures an appearance at their next hearing.

The Loans

There are extreme cases where bail bond companies are offering loans to make sure that all the costs are covered. The judge knows that these large numbers are a financial burden, but these burdens are going to keep people around for all their court dates. The judge has to work very hard to make sure that people are going to appear in court, and they want to use everything they have at their disposal to make sure they see people in court.

The process of going through bail bonds can be stressful, but bail bond companies help with this process. Judges know that they need to use large numbers to make an impact on people, but the bail bond company is going to make it very easy for people to make their bail. These companies offer up most of the cash for the bond, and they allow people to pay a small percentage of that amount to make a bond. The bail bond company is the company that helps people move on with their lives after an arrest. They are the first place anyone should go when they are caught in a situation like this. The bail bondsman knows what to do, how to handle the money, and how to please the court.