Los Angeles Century Regional Detention Facility

11705 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA, 90059
Los Angeles Century Regional Detention Facility
11705 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90059
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Los Angeles Century Regional Detention Facility

The Los Angeles Century Regional Detention Facility is an all-female jail facility that was reopened on March 2006. If a loved one is being held at this facility, you might need the help of a good Los Angeles bail bonds company.  It has a capacity of 2,100 inmates and is made up of the East and West towers, with a medical and mental health service floor, and offices for chaplains, social workers, volunteers, and educators. There is also a large scale power generator and an industrial equipped kitchen. Inmates are still allowed to own property; such as makeup, pencils, deodorant, eyeglasses, hair products, beverages and food items, toothpaste, and medication just to name a few. However, they are only allowed one blanket, one towel, one wash cloth, one sheet, and one jacket. There are some limitations and fluctuations to certain inmates, all depending on if they are in mental health housing or if they are working in weather conditions and need an extra blanket or jacket.


For food services, the Los Angeles Century Regional Detention Facility has more than 30 staff working where they prepare over 8,000 meals per day for inmates and employees. 978 of those meals are are individually prepared medical meals. There is also a Religious and Volunteer Service(RVS)created for the Jail Chaplaincy Program, where all the religious activity is coordinated within the jails. This program makes sure that inmates have access to ministers, spiritual advisors, or whatever it is they desire. Over 1,500 religious and spiritual volunteers are involved in the detention facility, representing eight of the major faith groups and numerous sects. 12-Steps Programs is one of the spiritual programs available to the inmates, where men and women are given spiritual guidance and assistance in relation to their addictions and recovery.

Inmate Mail

Inmates are allowed a maximum of $200 mail deposit, but it must comply with the rules. Money and check orders must be payable to the inmates name and booking number and it must be a certified Bank’s Cashier Check or United States Postal Money Order within the State of California. If depositing money to an inmate, a government issued ID with a photo must be presented. Online deposits are no longer allowed to be delivered to the inmates. When sending mail to inmates, there are strict procedures taken place for safety and security reasons. You cannot mail the following items: crayon, marker, or colored pencil artwork, perfume, food, money over $200, copyright material, envelopes with gang drawings, out of state money orders, photographs with nudity or gang related, paper clips, staples, stickers, or lottery tickets. If a sheriff deems anything you said as potentially harmful to the jail environment, they have a right to return the items back.


When visiting an inmate, all meetings have to be made by appointment only. Visitors have to pre=register, have a valid current photo ID, and follow the proper attire rules. For identification purposes, pictures will be taken of all visitors. One must be at their appointment one month prior to the actual inmate visiting time or else their meeting will be canceled and charged against the inmates visitation quota. There also has to be documentation of minors who are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Following these rules will make for an easier visitation. Inmates are allowed one hour visitation per week. The general inmate population receives four 15 minute visitations, which equates one hour. Special handle inmates may receive two 30 minute visitations, which also equates one hour.

Jail Mental Evaluation Team

The detention facility does have Jail Mental Evaluation Team (JMET), who attend to those mentally ill inmates that need attention of their special needs. These services are open to all inmates who may need some access to mental health services. In terms of inmate sentencing and release, at the time of their sentencing, inmates receive two day credits for every two days served. Good time equals to work time release credits. Those inmates who work in a conservation camp or vocational shop program, receive an additional .5 credits for every day that is worked.

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