Pomona Jail

490 W Mission Blvd, Pomona, CA, 91766
Pomona Jail
490 W Mission Blvd, Pomona, CA 91766
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Pomona Jail

The Pomona Jail, which also serves as the area’s main police station, is a medium security detention facility that houses both male and female inmates in Los Angeles County. It is a concrete building which sits just on the border between Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties in the city of Pomona, California.

This is primarily a short-stay facility, as inmates incarcerated here are waiting to post bail or awaiting trial, sentencing, transfer or immigration services.  The assistance of a good Pomona bail bonds company might expedite the release process.  Males awaiting transfer usually go to Los Angeles Twin Towers, Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail or the Pitchess Detention Center. Females awaiting transfer will generally be moved to the Central Regional Detention Facility. Inmate-workers serving out sentences are also housed here and may be in the facility for up to 30 days. Though long-term inmates are not housed here, movements are still highly supervised. Also, because of the temporary nature of the population, the center has fewer services than a larger prison. Even so, some services are available for the temporary detainees here.

Jail Services

Inmates are allowed 3 free outgoing phone calls upon arrival. All other outgoing phone calls are charged. Incoming calls are not accepted at this time. Those housed here have access to some limited physical activity. Inmates are allowed one hour of physical activity per day in an outdoor caged area. This area is equipped with basketball hoops and a dip bar for exercise. Most of the remaining hours of the day are spent either in a jail pod with a large common area or in individual cells. In the pods, inmates are allowed to eat and socialize. The pods are also equipped with games and televisions for entertainment. Detainees are also provided with necessities such as access to bathrooms and regular meal times. The jail also has services including a small library, vending machines, a commissary, a gym, a barber shop and a chapel for inmate use. Each of these services may be accessed only with inmate supervision by Pomona Jail staff.

Visiting Hours

Those housed in the jail are allowed visitation. Visiting Hours at Pomona Jail for general prisoners are open 7 days per week from 10:00 am to 2:45 pm. Inmate-workers have visitation from 5 to 6 pm daily, however, visitors are allowed in only on a first-come, first served basis. Inmates are allowed one visit per day. Most visits are 15 to 30 minutes in duration. This visitation is non-contact and conversations are had through protective glass. Visitors to the jail must bring picture identification and are subject to search prior to visiting with the inmate. Visitors may not bring contraband into the jail but may bring up to $20 for prisoner use in the commissary. Free parking is accessible to visitors on Park Avenue on the west side of the grounds.

Mail Delivery

Since this is a temporary holding facility, most inmates do not receive mail here. The exception is workers enrolled in the Pomona City Jail’s Inmate-Worker Program. These inmate-workers are serving out their sentences and can receive mail at the following address: 490 West Mission, Pomona, CA 91766. When sending mail, the inmate’s name and booking number should be included on the envelope.

Personal Property

Any personal property not entered into evidence can be released to a person authorized by the inmate such as a friend or family member. Inmates being held under the influence will not be able to consent to release of personal property until sober. Anyone picking up property must present a valid photo ID to the Pomona City Jail front desk where the property will be released. If an inmate releases a vehicle, this will be picked up at a separate location.

Contact Information

The jail is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but not all services are available at all times. The jail is located at 490 West Mission Boulevard. When calling, the main line can be reached at (909) 620-2131

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