What is Indecent Exposure?

Those facing a criminal charge need to fully understand the charges against them. Indecent exposure means that a person has exposed themselves sexually to another person against their will for the purpose of gratifying themselves or upsetting the other person.

Getting legal defense is important after an arrest, and using bail bonds company is often a great way to avoid spending more time behind bars than necessary.

Misdemeanor or Felony?

Some may not even realize that what they are doing is criminal. Even those who didn’t mean to do anything wrong can still end up getting arrested, and these can be very serious charges. The first time a person is convicted of this crime is usually a misdemeanor, but the second time is often a felony. Trying to get a job with a felony can be almost impossible, and the fines from the court can leave people in a various precarious financial situation.

Bail Bonds

There are several ways that criminal defense lawyers often handle these charges. Some common defenses including arguing that it did not actually happen, the person did not realize that there was anybody around to expose themselves to, or that this person was mistaken for somebody else. However, before handling all of that, it is important to use a bail bond to get out of jail after the initial arrest.

These bail bonds companies are available whenever people need them, and they often offer simple loans for those who want to get out right away but not have the money. Some even offer loans with property collateral for those who don’t have very good credit. These companies will work quickly to post bail and help people to get out of jail quickly. It is never fun for those who are waiting to get out of jail, as it can be frightening for both themselves and for their family members.

After handling that, it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney who has experience dealing with these cases. The facts surrounding the event can impact how charges are brought and change what a conviction might cost a person. It is often more serious to commit indecent exposure in a home that was entered without permission. A conviction like this can leave somebody on the sex offender list for the rest of their lives.

Don’t leave any of these things to chance, choose a good attorney. After getting arrested, turn to a bail bond to get home and start worrying about the important things. Those who have just had to deal with will have to spend their time working out a defense and ensuring that they are able to continue working at their jobs. Don’t spend too long sitting in a cell, choose a good bail bond company.
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