Prescription Fraud

There is no doubt that prescription drugs that are available today are very powerful. Pharmaceutical drugs can cause serious addiction problems when they are misused by the people they are prescribed to or used illegally by people who do not have a valid prescription to use these drugs.

Prescription Fraud Comes in Many Forms

Prescription fraud in its many forms has become more prevalent in society. If you have been charged with this, you’ll want to call a good bondsman. According to recent reports, prescription drugs have recently became the second most abused and trafficked drugs of choice in the United States. Greater demand for these potent drugs is leading to more prescription fraud to meet the penchants of the masses.

According to, 52 million Americans over the age of 12 have taken prescription drugs non-medically in their lifetime. 6.1 million people Americans admitted to using prescription drugs non-medically in the last 30 days.

One of the reasons that teens gave for using prescription drugs was that “they are not illegal.” This is true, so long as the prescription is made out in their name. Additionally, they said they were available everywhere.

Activities that are considered to be prescription fraud include altering a valid prescription to change the number of pills that were prescribed, “shopping” doctors for the specific purpose of getting valid prescriptions, calling pharmacies with the intent of obtaining prescription drugs through deception, carrying or taking prescription pills without a valid prescription, and signing someone else’s name on a prescription, regardless of whether they are real or they are fictitious.

Obviously, all of these types of activities can be very problematic for someone who is involved with them on any level. In the case of arrest, it is important that a bail bondsman is secured to help the accused get out of jail pending their court appearance. Otherwise, the defendant will have to wait in jail pending his court date.

While this might not be an issue for some people if they only have to wait for a weekend to pass to speak with the judge, in many cases it can take weeks or months to set a court date, especially if the defendant was swept up in a larger prescription drug fraud sweep. To get the maximum amount of convictions for these illegal activities, prosecutors are likely to spend quite a bit of time building their case against everyone who was involved on any level.

No One Is above the Law

When it comes to prescription drug fraud, no one is above the law.

In May 2015, the Drug Enforcement Agency made the largest pharmaceutical drug busts ever in their history. 280 doctors, pharmacists and staffers based in California were swept up for supplying powerful painkillers to drug addicts.

When people who have invested in their education, their career and made a Hippocratic Oath to uphold ethical standards have violated their own better judgment in order to satiate the demands of addicts, this shows just how powerful the lure of prescription drug fraud can be.