Drug Trafficking – CA Penal Code

When thinking about serious crimes, one will often think of murder or assault. However, at least in California and most other states, one will want to avoid drug trafficking charges as they are serious. With that being said, when facing these charges, one will want to mount a defense, get bail, and do what they can to get their freedom. Here are a few things to know about drug trafficking.

What is Drug Trafficking?

Now, while California is a liberal state and one can smoke marijuana with a medical card, it’s not so lenient on people who sell or manufacture drugs. For this reason, in the California penal code, one will notice that selling, transporting, giving away or furnishing drugs is a serious offense. In fact, even if an individual is caught carrying large amounts of drugs, he or she will have a hard time in court as state authorities are not taking any chances with drug sellers.

Bail For Drug Trafficking

Without a doubt, if a person is arrested for a drug crime, they will want to post bail. Without doing so, it’s hard for a person to enjoy his or her freedom since it’s often difficult to get out of jail, especially when facing serious charges. So, when faced with a charge of drug trafficking, one should wisely call a bail bonds professional. Then, not only can a person get out of jail, but he or she can start working on their defense and, hopefully, get out of any long sentences.


When facing a serious charge like drug trafficking, one will have serious consequences. So, for this reason, one should, obviously, avoid any legal problems in the first place. The reality is, if a person is caught selling drugs or transporting them, they are likely to face, at minimum, one year in prison. But, when looking at the situation, one can end up in jail for nine years. This will vary by county, and an individual should know the local rules and regulations. Either way, it’s a serious charge, and a person will face a lot of problems if they are convicted of any drug trafficking charges. Read about Under the influence of drugs

Lawyer Help

With a lawyer, one can end up avoiding all the charges. But, while true, an attorney will cost a lot of money. However, if a person gets a good lawyer who works hard, they can save a lot of time and money in the long run as it’s not cheap to deal with these charges. Think about it, when in prison for a few years, one will miss work and end up hurting their career. Not only that, when in prison, a person will have to pay other fines and fees, which add up to a lot of money in the long run.

When faced with a drug trafficking charge, a smart person should get bail quickly and move on with life. By doing so and forming a viable defense, it’s possible to live a better life and get back on one’s feet quickly.