Do DUIs Increase in Summer?

Higher temperatures, a more relaxed social atmosphere, and frequent celebrations often mean that summer months see a marked increase in DUIs.

Also, lesser citations like speeding or driving without a seat belt. There are numerous reasons why the summer season may see an increased risk for drivers that range from having a greater percentage of younger drivers on the road to increased law enforcement activity. Learning more about seasonal factors and concerns, as well as the services that provide bail bonds and legal assistance may help to ensure that those charged with a DUI are able to address the situation effectively.

Higher Temps Contribute to Alcohol Consumption

During warm summer days, having a cold drink handy can become an important concern. An increased tendency to consume alcohol during warmer weather and outdoor activities can lead to many problems, especially for younger drivers who may not know their limits and those an all-day event or the more festive outings commonly seen throughout the season. From backyard barbecues to bars and restaurants, seeking to beat the heat with a cool drink can often lead to trouble when it comes time to get behind the wheel.

Issues Affecting Younger Drivers

Summer typically sees a greater percentage of college and high school-aged drivers out on the road. Drivers who have just reached the drinking age are far less likely to know their limits when it comes to alcohol. Parties, gatherings, and other social functions that may attract large numbers of student-aged drivers are especially common throughout the summer, and those who fail to exercise caution can easily find themselves faced with a DUI or other traffic citations.

Summer Celebrations Lead to Citations and Moving Violations

With numerous seasonal holidays that include Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and Memorial Day, finding a reason to celebrate during the summer is not difficult. Parties that get out hand and events that may go on much longer than many attendees may have planned for often lead to an increased risk of a DUI. Even minor summer events like spending the day at the lake or coast could become an issue, especially in situations where there is an abundant supply of alcohol. Even one or two drinks may be enough to put a driver over the legal limit and the increased checkpoint, patrols, and other law enforcement activities that may be expected during a summer holiday may easily result in a DUI charge.

Increased Law Enforcement Presence and Activity

From routine traffic stops to DUI checkpoints, summer typically sees a sharp increase in law enforcement activity, especially during holiday weekends. Reaching for another drink during a day out or having one too many during a holiday celebration may find drivers faced with far more serious legal trouble than they might have imagined. Certain law enforcement practices, such as seeking the court approval needed for a “no-refusal” weekend or on-site blood testing are another matter that many drivers may overlook or fail to consider. Drivers who are unfamiliar with the increased risks associated with the summer season can quickly find themselves in a very difficult situation.

Dealing With a DUI

From seeking legal assistance following a DUI charge to arranging a bail bond in order to minimize time spent in jail, knowing how to deal with a DUI can make a world of difference. From vehicle impound fees to the emotional stress of being placed behind bars, spending any more time than is absolutely necessary for jail can quickly become a major ordeal. Bonding services can be a critical asset for those who have been arrested and charged with a DUI, one that may help to minimize the stress, inconvenience, and long-term consequences caused by an arrest.
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