The Future of Criminal Justice Reform

The great thing about America is that we live in a country of progress and change (most of the time). However, we need to keep focusing on progress, especially when it comes to the judicial system.

The justice system in California and every other state can still be rather biased racially. There are also a lot of people in jail for non-violent crimes for far too long. Finally, going into the system seems to be a revolving door, creating lifelong criminals instead of reforming first-time criminals. There have been criminal-justice reforms, but there need to be more.

It’s our privilege to live in a country where we can voice our concerns about criminal justice policy, cause that’s the first step in making something happen. While there is still progress to be made, the future of our criminal justice system is positive.

Criminal Justice Reform Bills  

Criminal justice policy will only change when we get laws passed. Luckily, we’ve made progress. here are a couple of criminal justice reform bills that were passed recently to help keep citizens productive members of society.

Sentencing Reform Act.

The Sentencing Reform Act was designed to help make punishments even among all federal prisoners. This limits the ability of a judge to be especially harsh on one person but then release federal prisoners who committed the same crime. It also allows courts to release federal prisoners without putting them on parole.

First Step Act

Many people who enter the justice system in California wind up right where they started. Congress and President Trump recently passed the First Step Act to counter this problem. The act incentivizes people in the system to get job training and education in exchange for a shorter sentence.

Speaking Up

Criminal-justice reforms are not the only way to protect our Federal civil rights. We have the right not to be discriminated against. We also have the right to re-enter society as reformed people once we’ve exited the legal system. One of the best ways for each and every one of us to do this is through our voice.

Social Media

Many times, social media is just a platform for trolls who want to talk about how many babies a particular politician has eaten. However, it can also be used as a troll to spread information. While you have to be very discerning about what articles you decide to read, there is a lot of useful information being shared. People who wouldn’t normally speak up about politics are also starting to speak up. This can encourage more people to vote. The younger generation has played a big role in the last two elections, and social media likely played a part.


Celebrities have promoted the politicians they support for a long time, but it’s been lifted to another level recently. Millions watched as Colin Kaepernick took a near during the national anthem, and it has caused a debate throughout the entire country.

Whether you agree with his protest or not, it’s clear that it has sparked people in the country to talk about the issues. If he wanted to shed light on the issue, he has done that in some circles. Read about the suspended imposition of sentence


Our Federal civil rights have become a major topic for artists recently. Whether it be paintings, music, or movies, people are using art to express complex political ideas. People exposed to this art can use it to help form their own opinions. It may also act as a catalyst to get more people to speak up. The future of the criminal justice system is bright, but it’s still not where we need it to be. We still live in a world where people are discriminated against and sometimes murdered based on the color of their skin. We need to speak up until litigation is created to make the change. We can do it, and we will do it together.