Common Probation Violations

When arrested for a crime, a person will usually get a bail bond, head to court and defend his or her good name. However, once a person loses the case, they may end up with probation. Others times, after serving time in a prison, one will get out, but still have probation for a while. Luckily, once a person is done with probation, they are free. However, often, a person will have violations. Here are the five most common probation violations.

Commit another crime

First and foremost, when a person commits another crime, they are going to end up violating their probation. Now, it doesn’t even have to be something serious. In fact, while on probation, one can’t even get in trouble for shoplifting or other minor crimes. When this happens, one will violate their terms and can end up back in prison.

Leaving a certain geographic area

Next, when on probation, a person will often have to stay in the same county, or state they live in. Other times, depending on the crime, one can’t leave the country without permission. While it’s easy to get an exemption, people often forget, and as a result, they end up in trouble with the law. So, anyone on probation must remember this if they want to avoid problems.

Drugs or alcohol

Now, if a person was in trouble for a drug or alcohol violation, they will often have problems if they fail a drug test. Often, depending on the substance, one will go back to prison. Other times, the individual will need to go to rehab. Either way, a person on probation should live a clean life as it’s hard to cheat the system in his manner.

Hang out with certain people

When on probation, a person may not be able to hang out with certain people. This is common when a person is in a gang or committed crimes with other people. In fact, when hanging out with the wrong people, one can end up back in prison quickly and with no warning. So, remember, when the judge orders a person to stay away from someone, it’s best to listen to him or her.

Missed meetings with probation officers

Finally, when one gets probation, they will often have to meet with their officer once or twice a month. If a person skips the meeting without warning, he or she is in violation of their terms. When this happens, the court will address the situation by issuing a warrant for his or her arrest. Without a doubt, this is a stupid thing to do as one cannot escape the long arm of the law. Instead, when faced with issues, one should call their probation officer immediately and explain the situation.

While it’s wise to get out on  bail, hire a lawyer and work on the case, one will not always win. When getting probation, a person must follow the law and avoid any issues. Otherwise, they are in serious danger of losing their freedom for the long-term.