Santa Rosa Jail

2777 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa , CA, 95403
Santa Rosa Jail
2777 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa , CA 95403
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Santa Rosa Jail

The Santa Rosa Jail Main Adult Detention Facility maintains very specific rules governing communications between members of the general public and inmates. The facility, located at 2777 Ventura Avenue in Santa Rosa operates as a medium/maximum security installation that accommodates both people awaiting trial and convicted inmates.  If you’ve been booked at this jail, you’ll want to get the help of a good Santa Rosa bail bonds company.

Mail And Visiting Hours

Members of the public can seek to contact inmates by mail at the Main Adult Detention Facility by sending correspondence to the 2777 Ventura Avenue address and clearly designating the prisoner’s name on the envelope. The facility screens prisoner mail for security reasons.

With respect to in-person visits, some very specific rules apply. Regulations relate to visiting days and times, attire, documentation and personal items.


The Main Adult Detention Facility does not allow in-person visits with inmates on Thursdays or Fridays. Every inmate obtains the opportunity to conduct one half-hour visit per day on designated visiting days. Prisoners considered “Module Workers” can conduct two half-hour visits per designated visiting day, and can schedule adjoining visits back-to-back. Behavior that the facility staff considers inappropriate during a visit may result in the immediate termination of the visit and may result in a loss of visiting privileges.

Visiting Days

The jail divides the prison population into two groups based on inmate booking surnames. Prisoners with last names beginning “A” through “L” can conduct in-person visits on these days:

  • Saturdays;
  • Mondays;
  • Wednesdays at six designated times.

Prisoners with last names beginning “M” through “Z” can conduct in-person visits on these days:

  • Sundays;
  • Tuesdays;
  • Wednesdays at six designated times.

Visiting Hours

During full visiting days, visitors can meet with prisoners during one of 12 time slots specified on the facility website. These occur beginning with check-in periods starting at 9:30 a.m. and ending at 9:30 p.m.


The detention facility requires visitors to appear for in-person visits sober and suitably attired. Only two visitors at a time can attend the visit, although children less than 3’4″ in height may sit on an adult’s lap and not count as a separate visitor. Clothing guidelines recommend that visitors dress appropriately for a court appearance, since officials can prohibit any attire deemed unsuitable for security reasons. Rules prohibit gang insignia or colors, hats, hairnets, bandanas, beanies, tank tops, revealing blouses, short mini-skirts and steel-toed shoes.


Anyone 18 or older must present documentation in order to attend an in-person visit with a prisoner at the Santa Rosa Jail. Minors under age 18 require the supervision of an adult at all times. The facility only accepts one or more of these forms of ID:

  • A Passport;
  • A Military ID;
  • A California Driver’s License or Identification Card;
  • A Driver’s License or Identification Card From Another States;
  • An Immigration Card or Consular Card.

Inmates released from the Detention Division cannot meet with prisoners until the passage of at least a month following release. Anyone with a felony conviction in the past must have advanced official written approval.

Personal Items

The detention facility permits visitors to attend an in-person visit while in possession of a single key or remote control for a vehicle or locker, a baby-bottle (if applicable), eyeglasses, a visitor’s pass and emergency medications. The facility specifically prohibits many items. Forbidden personal belongings include “excessive” jewelry, knives, cell phones, hats, lighters, cigarettes, writing materials and full sets of keys.

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