Woodland Crime

High crime areas hurt the community in two ways.

First of all, the obvious effects on the victims of violent and property crimes can take severe financial, health, and psychic tolls. Innocent victims can grieve loved ones, pay medical bills, and deal with trauma for years after a criminal assault on the body or belongings. Beyond these after-effects, however, is the climate crime inflicts on neighborhoods and towns. The level of suspicion is heightened as the level of trust plummets. Law enforcement adopts a “better safe than sorry” approach, apprehending anyone who may be deemed a threat. This is why a quality bail bonds business is essential to such localities. The first step to clearing one’s name—or at least getting personal affairs in order—is being released from jail. Woodland, California is a case in point.

Woodland Demographics

The county seat of Yolo County, Woodland is about 15 miles from the capital city of Sacramento. Home to around 60,000 people, the city and its environs have historically supported the farming sector and more recently been home to industrial facilities, storage warehouses, and diverse retail establishments. As the residential population grew, subdivisions and infrastructure were established to accommodate the citizens. Popular chain stores and several new schools are either complete or on the drawing board for the near future. With development and commerce, however, can sometimes come crime and anti-social behavior. Woodland, California, to be sure, has seen its fair share.

The rates for both violent and property crimes for Woodland slightly exceed those of California as a whole. It also surpasses median statistics for the United States. For example, the city reported 128 assaults, 38 robberies, and 21 rapes. For violent crime, that equates to 3.12 violent crimes per thousand. California registers 4.49 and the U.S stands at 3.94. The total number of crimes reported is 3003 in Woodland.

Numbers like this create a climate of mistrust and a demand for government action. Pressure grows on police and other agencies to assume criminal activity given any out of the ordinary circumstances. Such a broad approach often ends up affecting the guilty and innocent alike. Those who are arrested and detained face a choice while legal proceedings are pending: they can choose to remain in jail during this period or—if the judge so allows—bail can be posted for release. If the financial resources are available, cash bail is posted by the defendant or others to secure release from jail while awaiting trial. A much less expensive option is to ask a bond agent to post a surety bond. This gives the jail the assurance of compensation if the defendant flees. At the same time, the defendant is only responsible for the premium, often 10 percent of the bail amount ordered by the judge.

Importance of a Good Bail Bondsman

A reputable bail bond agent is familiar with the community. The crime statistics of Woodland, California are well known to an agent in or around the city. Those figures help the agent to set premium rates and to determine what sort of collateral might be sufficient to issue a bond. It stands to reason that high-crime areas also experience a good deal of flight by criminal defendants. Bail amounts, therefore, can be higher, making the need for bond agents all the more pressing.
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