Salinas Safety Information

Salinas, a mid-sized city claiming approximately 157,380 residents in Monterey, California is unfortunately also home to crime and murder rates overall surpassing national averages.

According to Neighborhood Scout’s webpage “Crime Rates For Salinas, CA,” the city’s crime index is calculated at 15 (this indicates that Salinas is 15% safer to visit or inhabit than all other cities located throughout the U.S.) “Salinas median household income is $4,006 lower than the median California household income and $4,719 greater than the U.S. median household income,” as stated on another webpage, Department of Numbers “Salinas California Household Income.” For a considerable amount of time, living in California has been almost universally more costly than in other states. It would make sense how reduced median household income and higher percentages of those living in poverty could equate to elevated crime statistics. Fortunately, many individuals awaiting trial in Salinas or elsewhere have bail bonds services available to them. By utilizing the bail bonds process, those individuals will be allowed to walk free prior to their return to trial.

A Closer Look At Crime by Numbers in Salinas

Here is an in-depth assessment of crime statistics for the city of Salinas stacked against national tallies, broken down by the nature of the offense. A significant portion of crime occurring in Salinas is gang-related, as it is in many cities across the globe. What’s more, many victims or witnesses to shootings or other forms of violent crime often express a fear of coming forward. Retaliation can prove to be a troubling reality in these tangled webs.

  • Salinas sees around 5,438 crimes a year. This number is a combination of 1,102 calculated violent crimes and 4,336 property crimes.
  • There are around 34.55 crimes to victimize every 1,000 individuals residing in Salinas. This accounts for about 7.00 crimes of violent nature alongside 27.55 property crimes.
  • Nationwide, an estimated 1,197,704 violent crimes were committed over the course of 2015. Homicide, assault, rape, and robbery all fall under said category. When tied into gang activity, homicide victims are almost always young people.
  • 2015 was the most deadly year in three decades for Salinas. With 39 homicides accounted for over the course of 2015, this is the highest resulting tally for the city in a great deal of time. Statistics have waxed and waned, as they will, rather than seeing a progressive staggering for each subsequent year. 1986, for example, saw 9 homicides. The year with the second-highest homicide count to date was 2009 (that year saw 29 murders).
  • As far as property crime is concerned, 4,336 separate incidents occurred in Salinas throughout 2015. Across the entire U.S, 7,933,631 were counted. Property crimes are defined as those dealing with burglary, motor vehicle theft, or other forms of theft.
  • The likelihood of an individual to be a victim of any given crime nationwide per square mile clocks in at 32.0. Salinas carries a fairly high risk in comparison, with about 234 crimes for every square mile. This is 144 counts above the state of California’s computation of 90.

While crime statistics naturally will see variations of rising and fall year to year, Salinas, California has mostly been burdened by higher rates in comparison to the rest of the country. As is the case in most any given zip code, the greatest margin accounts for property crimes rather than violent crimes. That said, Salinas saw an exceedingly high homicide rate in 2015; with 39 murders enumerated, this number was the loftiest that it has been since years prior to 1986. Individuals are relatively safe in the average U.S. destination with a prospect of 32.0 crimes per square mile nationally. In Salinas, nevertheless, people find themselves on shakier ground with an estimated 234 crimes per square mile.