Redwood City Crime Stats

Beautiful Redwood, California sits approximately 27 miles south of the City of San Francisco.

Located in San Mateo County, along the Bayshore Freeway, the community of approximately 85,000 covers nearly 35 square miles in total area. A modern criminal justice and law enforcement system in this municipality ensures that people arrested on criminal charges enjoy ready access to bail bond services.

Crime Statistics

Detailed information exists concerning crime statistics in Redwood, California. Criminal activity in the area falls into two general categories: crimes against people, and offenses involving the property. Many sources detail specific data about both broad areas:

Crimes Against People

Experts subdivide crimes against people into two general areas: violent criminal activities, such as assaults, rapes, and murders, and crimes which may involve no direct physical violence, such as false imprisonment, prostitution and human trafficking, illicit drug use, involuntary servitude, and similar offenses. Considerable data exists online concerning the rate of violent crimes in Redwood City.

For instance, the Redwood City Police Department responded to 87,000 requests for assistance during 2014 alone. The Department recently released figures relating to its responses during the period between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015: one call involved a homicide, forcible rape accounted for 35 calls and some 304 calls involved assaults.

Currently, Redwood City, California maintains an annual violent crime rate of 2.64 violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Of the total 1,967 crimes occurring in Redwood City during the past reporting year, some 219 violent crimes took place in the town. The community ranks in the 31st percentile of safe locations in the United States based on an index ranging from zero to 100, with the 100th percentile ranked as safest and zero as least safe.

According to the latest available crime data compiled and released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Redwood City recently reported these crimes of violence:

  • 2 homicides;
  • 78 rapes;
  • 79 assaults.

(A time lag varying from 8 months to 10 months typically exists between the commission of crimes and the compilation and release of data by the federal government.)

Crimes Against Property

Crimes against property do impact people in Redwood City, yet the focus of the criminal activity centers around the taking or destruction of property such as money, personal belongings, motor vehicles, etc.,… During the period of time between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 the Redwood City Police Department answered 59 robbery calls, 415 burglary calls, 1,296 larceny calls, 235 vehicle theft calls and 8 arson calls.

The criminal activity reported in the crimes against property category contributed significantly to Redwood City’s lower than average safety rating. Residents of the community sustain 21.09 crimes against property per thousand residents, indicating a significantly greater likelihood of suffering a property crime than a violent crime in this town.

The most recent available data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicates Redwood City reported these crimes against property:

  • 60 robberies;
  • 477 burglaries;
  • 1,055 thefts;
  • 216 motor vehicle thefts.

Individual Neighborhood Variations

Within the town, different Redwood City neighborhoods sustain variable crime rates. More criminal offenses occur in certain parts of the community than others. After analyzing crime maps, some experts conclude that Emerald Lake Hills sustains fewer reported crimes than any other neighborhood.

The municipal website publishes links to a crime map, detailing the general locations of specific crime reports occurring within Redwood City. People interested in determining the safety of specific locations can review recent data from the map. The resource classifies criminal activity in the region according to several specific categories using information provided by five reporting police departments.

Comprehensive Crime Statistics

Since the development of new online databases, residents of Redwood City, California enjoy access to more public information about criminal activity in the community on a real-time basis. Individuals can conduct detailed research in order to determine the safety of specific neighborhoods within the community.
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