Is Fairfield Safe?

A bail bond from a surety is a financial commitment to a court granting release from pretrial detention in a criminal case as assurance that the defendant will appear as required pending disposition of the offense charged.

Defendants who fail to make timely appearances or to comply with other conditions of release risk arrest, forfeiture of their bail bonds, and remand to detention. All criminal courts agree that defendants are more likely to appear as required when money is at stake.

The State of California licenses bail bondsmen and regulates their premiums or fees, currently, 10 percent of the full bail, so a $1,000 premium for a 10,000 bail is an example. Once posted, a bail bond remains in effect for a year. If the case continues longer, another premium becomes due.

Bail-in Fairfield

In Fairfield, the county seat, the Superior Court of California for Solano County has adopted a bail schedule for all felony and misdemeanor and most infraction offenses. The bail furnishes the Solano County Sheriff’s presumptive amounts of bail to set for the release of his detainees prior to their initial court appearances before magistrates. The schedule describes a method to calculate bail for defendants arrested based on multiple charges and on maximum possible penalties of jail time. The presumptive bail for an offense with a maximum penalty of three years is $25,000, for an offense punishable by life imprisonment $750,000, and for the offense of murder no bail until set by the court.

The Superior Court Criminal Division adjudicates felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions and maintains records of their proceedings. Criminal cases begin when prosecutors file formal charges, grand juries issue indictments, or law enforcement officers arrest suspects. The court operates facilities in Fairfield and Vallejo.

Basic Fairfield Facts

Fairfield in the northeastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area is an approximate midpoint between San Francisco and Sacramento,
Bail Bonds El Monte about 36 miles from each. Fairfield was founded in 1856 and named for the founder’s origin in Fairfield, Connecticut. Notably, it is the home of Travis Air Force Base, by far the largest employer, and the corporate headquarters location of Jelly Belly, a major confectioner. The 2010 Census reported a population of 105,321, up from 96,178 in 2000.

Fairfield Living Standards

Fairfield housing costs are comparatively high nationwide but far less than real estate prices in the most expensive California communities. With the presence of Travis AFB, Fairfield is home to a very visible number of armed forces personnel. It is also a city of sales and office workers, service providers and managers, and professionals. The formal educational level of Fairfield residents is somewhat higher than the national average. Nearly a quarter of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree. Fairfield’s per-capita income in 2010 was $27,110, middle income for California, and upper-middle-income for the nation. Fairfield is a city of remarkable ethnic diversity. The foreign-born account for more than 20 percent of the city’s population.

The Crime Rate

The crime rate in Fairfield, 40 crimes per 1,000 residents, is considerably higher than the national average across America. Statisticians say the odds for becoming a violent or property crime victim Modesto & Crime in Fairfield is one in 25 (1,000/40). Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) crime data for seven offenses from the uniform crime reports collected from 18,000 local law enforcement agencies show the Fairfield rate for crimes of violence and against property as higher than that of 89 percent of all other California cities and towns.

Violent Crimes and Property Crimes in Fairfield

Violent crime in Fairfield occurs at a rate higher than that in most American communities of all populations. The chance of becoming a victim of an armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape, or murder and the like in Fairfield is 1 in 207, equating to a rate of five per 1,000 inhabitants.

The rate for property crime is 35 per 1,000, making Fairfield a place where there is a chance higher than average of becoming a victim compared to all other American communities. Chances of becoming a victim of vehicle theft, arson, larceny, burglary, and the like in Fairfield are one in 29. Fairfield has one of the highest vehicle theft rates in the nation according to FBI crime data. The chances of having a car stolen by visiting or living in Fairfield are one in 170.

Fairfield Bail Bondsmen

As one familiar with Fairfield crime statistics and in need of arranging pretrial release for a friend or relative arrested there might expect, the bail bond business in Fairfield is doing well. An online search for “Fairfield CA bail bondsmen” revealed numerous advertisers, many with local offices, all available at all hours day and night.