Overview of Crime in Fresno

The incidence of serious crimes in Fresno, California, occurs at a rate significantly higher than the rest of the United States. Only a small percentage of U.S. cities have a crime rate that is worse than that of Fresno.

The population of Fresno is about 516,000 residents. The geographic area comprising the city is approximately 112 square miles. Fresno is considered safer than only 8 percent of U.S. cities. About nine out of 10 U.S. cities are deemed safer, with less criminal activity, than Fresno.

Crime and Bail Bonds in Fresno

Because of the higher crime rate, the demand for services of a professional bail bonds person is more significant in Fresno as well. The bail bond process is rather straightforward.

When a person is charged with a crime, the amount of bail is set shortly after the accused is booked into jail or at a hearing held in the upcoming day or two. Once the amount of bail is set, the accused can contact a bail bond professional. The accused, or a family member or friend, make arrangements to pay the bail bond professional a set amount of money, and in exchange, a bail bond is posted for the person in jail. Typically, the amount that needs to be paid to the bail bond person is about 10 to 15 percent of the total amount of the bond established by the court.

Violent Crime in Fresno

Violent crime is a particularly vexing problem in this California city. The national median violent crime rate is 3.8 incidents for every 1,000 people. In that Fresno, the violent crime rate is almost 4.9 incidents for every 1,000. In California, the rate clocks in at almost 4.0 for every 1,000 people. The odds of becoming the victim of a violent crime in Fresno this year is one in 216.

47 murders were reported in Fresno during the last annual reporting period. 75 rape cases were reported. 790 robberies occurred and almost 1,600 people were the victims of assault.

The murder rate in Fresno is more than twice the national average. The rate of all other violent crimes is higher in Fresno than in the U.S. generally, with the exception of reported rape cases.

Property Crime in Fresno

Property crimes are a major problem in Fresno. The national median for property crimes is 26 incidents for every 1,000 people. In Fresno, the rate is 42 for every 1,000 people. The rate in California is about 25 for every 1,000 individuals.

Almost 4,800 burglaries were reported in Fresno during the most recent annual reporting period. There were about 3,200 motor vehicle thefts. In addition, over 13,000 thefts of other types occurred.

The rate of motor vehicle theft in Fresno is nearly three-times the national average. The burglary rate in Fresno is approaching about twice the average in the United States. Other types of theft are registering at about 50 percent above the national average.

Crimes Per Square Mile

A look at crimes per square mile is also illustrative. In Fresno, each year an average of 218 crimes occur per square mile. This completely blows the national average away. The crimes per square mile national average is about 33. The California average is 83.

Fresno Crime Watch

In response to the high crime rate in the city, the Fresno Police Department launched Crime Watch. Crime Watched attempts to engage the public in becoming more vigilant about what occurs in their neighborhoods.

Part of the Crime Watch program is educating the community. This is accomplished through the use of presentations by representatives of law enforcement to community and neighborhood groups as well as educational videos.
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