San Rafael Court

3501 Civic Center Dr, San Rafael , CA, 94913
San Rafael Court
3501 Civic Center Dr, San Rafael , CA 94913
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San Rafael Court

The San Rafael court office maintains a full service staff that provides several services that many do not realize. Services range from providing information about paying traffic tickets or attending driving school to being linked with the Marin San Francisco Lawyers Referral Service. This array of services helps greatly in providing access to the legal system that many cannot afford or do not necessarily understand how to proceed, especially in civil situations.  If you find yourself in legal trouble, you could benefit from a good San Rafael bail bonds company.

Traffic Ticket Information

Many traffic citations are payable before court, as typical infractions carry a set fine in many instances. This online access provides full information concerning your case, including fine amounts that can be paid outside of court. Also provided are links to driver school for those who are required to complete a safe driving course, along with a standard form to request an extension on fine payments or work out payment arrangements. In addition, those who are performing community service can also find certain information in this website area.

Civil Services

Many people need civil representation or legal help when facing a legal problem. This can include representation for a wide range of civil issues, including some minor local infractions. Many of the cases deal with proper housing, often based on housing denial. Many cited individuals do not realize that there are alternatives in certain legal situations and representation can often help. However, criminal infractions are currently cases that Marin County Legal Aid cannot represent.

Divorce Services Information

Divorces are very common in the court system, and there is information available on how to file a friendly or uncontested divorce with the local court system. However, this will require visiting the office for directions on the divorce process and will usually require the assistance of an attorney, especially when minor children are involved.

Court Dockets

Information regarding court dates is also available at the San Rafael court office, including legal classification court times. The local court system is a major legal operation and court cases are scheduled according to the classification of the legal action. Primary divisions are made for family court, civil court, and criminal courts, including designated time blocks for preliminary hearings and trials. Even for those who do not have legal counsel, information is available on when to appear for court and what the case will entail. There is also information regarding jury duty and access to legal forms.

Self Help Legal Services

There are many functions of the court that can be accessed without the need of a legal representative. Informational help in these legal actions is also available through the court office, as they are also linked with the state court system for information from outside of the county. Legal assistance can even include preparation of legal documents for presentation to the court for those who do not need legal counsel or have administrative legal needs.


The San Rafael Court Office is located at 3501 Civic Center Drive in San Rafael, California and is a three-floor complex that processes certain types of legal issues in different areas of the court house. It is important to check the location of your hearing on the court docket before court to ensure that you are in the proper place at the proper time. This information is also available online at the official website or by calling (415)444-7000, but should be clearly posted on the displayed court docket.

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