Amador Superior Court

500 Argonaut Lane, Jackson, CA, 95642
Amador Superior Court
500 Argonaut Lane, Jackson, CA 95642
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Amador Superior Court located at 500 Argonaut Lane, Jackson, CA, 95642. Amador County Superior Court is a court of general jurisdiction that handles both criminal and civil cases. The court has nine judicial officers including one Presiding Judge, three Associate Judges, and five Commissioners who hear matters as assigned by the Presiding Judge. The criminal division of the court handles all felony and misdemeanor criminal cases filed in the county. The civil division of the court handles all civil cases including small claims, probate, and conservatorships. The family law division of the court handles all divorce, child custody, and child support cases.

The Superior Court is the highest trial court in the California court system. appeals from the Superior Court go to the California Court of Appeal for the Third Appellate District.

Cases in the Superior Court are divided into three categories: civil, criminal, and family law. Civil cases include matters such as breach of contract, personal injury, and property damage. Criminal cases involve charges of felony or misdemeanor offenses. Family law cases involve divorce, child custody, and child support.

The Superior Court has jurisdiction to hear cases filed in the county where the court is located. The court also has jurisdiction over certain matters that are heard in other courts in California. For example, the Superior Court hears appeals from decisions made by the Municipal Court and the Traffic Court.

The Presiding Judge of the Superior Court is responsible for assigning judicial officers to hear cases and for supervising the work of the court. The Associate Judges and Commissioners also have judicial duties that include hearing cases and issuing rulings.

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