Bounty Hunter Protection

Going to court and facing the judge is a harsh reality that many¬†individuals don’t want to face.

After being arrested and¬†fingerprinted the judge will set a bail amount that is equal to the crime and the number of offenses a person has. If an individual doesn’t have the money to pay the bail, they must seek the help of a bail bondsman. The defendant must show up to court to satisfy the terms of their agreement with the bondsmen, or they will loose their collateral. If the defendant doesn’t show up for their court date, the bail bondsmen’s must track them down and turn them over the court. While it sounds easy, it’s anything but.

Bounty Hunters Catch Those On The Run

The collateral that was used to post the bond becomes the possession of the bondsmen. After skipping court, many criminals go on the run wanting to elude their reality. Bounty hunters play a big part in tracking down the criminals and taking them to jail. While television glamorizes the process, it’s actually very dangerous, and the threat of being hurt is one that must be faced every day. There are methods or devices that can help protect the bounty hunter, and they are essential for survival.

Armed for Survival

Being a bounty hunter can be exciting, dangerous, and the biggest adrenaline rush around. However, it’s not all fun and games. Chasing criminals is dangerous, but the situation is compounded by a number of outside factors. Both bail bondsmen and bounty hunters need to have weapons to protect themselves and be able to do their job without fear of being harmed. Body armor is the best defense against a criminal that’s armed and dangerous. Bulletproof vests are one method that many are familiar with, but there are many other options. From stab proof vests to ballistic helmets and riot gear, there is a myriad of various types of equipment.

Ballistic Protection

Bounty hunters and bail bondsmen often use bulletproof vests, as they are the most suitable form of protection. Firearms are the most serious threat on the streets, and working in a neighborhood where criminals live; means being prepared for being face-to-face with deadly weapons. When it comes to ballistic protection, the vests are tested and graded by the US National Institute of Justice. They put a grading on it according to the magnitude of ammunition it can stop. Some vests, like the Level II, can stop a .357 Magnum and a 9 mm. The Level IV can stop higher caliber rounds and the 7.62x51mm NATO. The more protection the vest offers, the bulkier it will be. However, the extra weight is necessary to provide the extra protection.

Stab and Spike Defense

Firearms are a big threat, but they are not the only threat to a bounty hunter. Due to the nature of the game, the risk is always going to be there regardless of the protection. The greater risk seems to be to those that are in close range. Just as dangerous as a firearm, the knife or spiked weapon can do just as much damage. While the bullet proof vest does wonders for the firearms, they don’t do anything for a spiked weapon. The materials in these vests absorb and disperse the energy to thwart a bullet, but they cannot stop a knife puncture.

Sounds strange, but a knife is able to puncture the fabric in the bulletproof vest and then pass through the fibers. A vest that is made for stab and spike protection uses chainmail to protect the bounty hunter from these weapons. Laminate or chainmail both provide an excellent layer of protection that can take a puncture wound without breaking down.

Protection At All Costs

Sure, some think chasing criminals is a fun job and one they would enjoy, but ask any bounty hunter and they will tell you the real dangers lurking around every corner. Being protected offers some sense that even when faced with danger, the hunter has a fighting chance of survival. Bringing criminals to jail isn’t glamorous, but it’s something that is necessary to keep the streets safe. By adding a vest and some other protective gear under the clothes, it could save a life.
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