A Brief Guide to Posting Bail in Sacramento California

Bail has been a central topic of conversation in the California legislature for several months. But those who are arrested in Sacramento still have to face the bail system. They have to undergo several steps after they are initially placed into handcuffs. Making the right decisions in the middle of this stressful booking and bail process Sacramento can save individual thousands of dollars and weeks or months of time out of jail.

Arrest Process

The first step of the booking and bail process Sacramento is when an individual is charge with crime in Sacramento. After they are charge with crime in Sacramento, they are arrested and brought to a jail. At the jail, they go through booking and then face a judge. The judge decides what their bail will be based on the severity of charges and the possibility of an individual jumping bail. That individual then stays in jail until they are able to make bail and secure release from Sacramento county jail. Check out the common question about bail

How to receive bail

Individuals often acquire bail to secure release from Sacramento county jail in one of two ways. One common way is to pay the bail money out of an individual’s own funds or the funds of a friend or family member. An individual simply hands over the money to a court which holds funds until the date of the court date. If an individual then arrives for the court date, they receive their money back minus a processing fee. For a large number of defendants, bail amounts are small enough for an individual to just expedite the bail process and be released. In more serious instances, there may be a bail amount that is too high for an individual to meet.
These high bail amounts must be paid through a bail bondsman Sacramento. Most bail bondsmen charge around 20% for their services. People contact a bail bondsman Sacramento who reviews their case and collects their fee. Once the fee is collected, the bondsman contacts the court and, with Sacramento bail documentation, signs over the bond money. The bail bond then goes into effect, the bondsman will expedite the bail process, and the individual ends his or her relationship with the bail bond company once the individual arrives for their court date.

What to do

Anybody who is arrested in Sacramento has to go through the booking process. They have to endure losing their possessions and being confined to a Sacramento county jail cell. At this process, individuals need to get their affairs in order and determine their financial position. They often will not wait long to have a hearing with a judge who will hear their charges and set their bail. At that moment, an individual should know whether or not they can afford their bail. If they can, they should pay that amount as quickly as possible. If not, there are often numbers posted in Sacramento county jail cells that they can call to secure a bail bond. They will contact a bail bondsman, sign the proper Sacramento bail documentation, and then secure immediate release from prison pending their hearing date.


Anyone who is arrested in the city of Sacramento does not need to panic. They should not worry about how they will get out of jail and whether or not they should pay bail. Individuals should either pay for bail or contact a bail agent as quickly as possible. Securing bail and immediate release from prison will give individuals the time and attention that they will need in order to prepare their best legal case possible.