Creating A Fake Fire Alarm

Pulling a fire alarm without the presence of a fire is a crime, and the perpetrator will go to jail for the offense. This is a misdemeanor that will involve a fine after a citation is issued, but the person who pulled the alarm must get out of jail first. A bail bondsman is there to get the arrested party out of jail as fast as possible, and the process is incredibly simple.

#1: The Arrest Takes A Couple Hours

The arrest that occurs will take a couple of hours to process. There are phones in jail cells, and the bail bondsman can be contacted at any time. The bondsman can begin the bail process, but the bondsman cannot make the process move any faster. The paperwork that must be completed inside the jail will take some time, but the money will come so that the arrested knows they will get out.

#2: Payment Of The Bail

A bail bondsman puts up the money for the arrested party, and the arrested party will pay a small fee for the bondsman to send in the money. Bondsmen have a direct line to call the jail, and the jail can get the payment processed quickly. The arrested party will get out faster, and the people who are waiting for their release will be informed that their bail has come in.

#3: Retrieval Of Funds

The jail will release all bail money after a hearing has been completed, and the disposition from the hearing will help the bondsman get their money back. The bondsman takes a small fee from the arrested party, and the arrested party is no longer indebted to the bondsman. Bondsman completes this process several times a day, and the process moves quickly when everyone does their part.

#4: Contacting Family And Friends

A bail bondsman can contact family and friends who will pick up the arrested party, and the bondsman’s office will serve as a meeting point for the arrested party their ride. This is a safe way to get away from jail, and the waiting room of the bondsman’s office can provide shelter for a few hours until someone arrives. Bail bondsmen provide a basic service that extends to the family and friends of someone who is just out of jail. A proper bondsman has their office open at all hours, and there is always someone to answer the phone when there is a need.

The bond process in jail can move quickly when a bail bondsman gets involved. A bail bondsman will help complete the bail process in a matter of a few minutes, and the arrested party will have a way of getting out of jail quickly. Contact a bail bond office the moment after an arrest happens to get the process moving, and ask questions of the bondsman. Phone calls can be made on behalf of the arrested party, and the bail can be posted much faster than a family member or friend can do it themselves.
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