All About 24‐Hour Bail Bonds

An arrest can lead to any number of serious problems and future complications. The emotional stress, humiliation, and inconvenience of an arrest are never issues that should be taken lightly. Being able to arrange bail at the earliest possible opportunity can often be of paramount concern.

Learn more about 24-hour bail bond services and the role they can play in ensuring bail is able to be posted. Securing an early release prior to a trial or hearing can be a much easier undertaking for those who seek the services and assistance bail bonding services are able to provide.

Dealing With an Arrest

Trial dates can be set as much as a year after the date of an arrest. For those who are unable to make bail, this could mean spending a long period of time behind bars. Paying bail allows those who have been arrested to secure their release prior to a trial or hearing which will provide them with the opportunity to deal with everyday concerns and important responsibilities. Contacting a 24-hour bail bonding service as quickly as possible can minimize the short-term consequences and complications caused by an arrest.

More Jail Time is Often Expensive

The true cost of an arrest is often hard to calculate. Failing to post bail and spending months behind bars can lead to loss of employment. Even a few days in jail can mean lost wages and earnings. Vehicle impound and storage fees can also become more and more expensive for those who were arrested as the result of a traffic stop. Posting bail at the earliest opportunity can help to minimize the expenses and financial complications associated with an arrest.

The Emotional Impact of an Arrest

Being arrested is often a very stressful and humiliating experience. Being unable to post bail means having no other choice but to endure a long period of time in jail. Arranging for release without delay helps to minimize the emotional stress that an arrest may cause. Even something as mundane as a forgotten traffic ticket can result in an arrest, one which may occur at any time of the day or night. Knowing where to turn in order to seek help arranging bail can provide those who have been arrested with much-needed emotional comfort and peace of mind.

Arranging Bail

IN some circumstances, arranging bail requires a cash bond to be paid in full in order to secure a release. Bail bonding services can be a great help when no cash bond has been set as they may be needed in order to provide the funds and financial assistance that are required. Posting bail can shorten jail time and in many cases, those who have been arrested may be released only a few hours after posting bail. Some bonding companies may provide additional services, like providing transport services for those who have just been released.

How 24-Hour Bail Bonding Services Work

Using a bonding service is very similar to arranging for a loan through an insurance company. Bonding services loan the money needed to cover the cost of bail in exchange for the assurance that the person arrested will appear for their assigned court date. Most bonding services typically require 10 percent of the total bail amount to be provided upfront. Upfront costs are considered a service fee and may not be returned, regardless of the outcome of the trial, case, or proceeding.

Contacting a Bonding Company

Contacting a 24-hour bail bonding service should be done as quickly as possible in order to minimize jail time. While bail amounts can differ drastically depending on the circumstances of an arrest and the nature of the charges, bonding services may be able to secure a same-day release for most lesser charges. Failing to contact a bonding service as quickly as possible can lead to lengthy delays and a greater likelihood that an arrest may lead to further problems that could have been avoided.