Unlawful Assembly

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Everyone can agree that they have to right to assemble peaceably in a group to state their views. So how does an assembly become unlawful? The difference lies in whether or not there is the possibility of the gathering becoming unruly or violent.


Prescription Fraud

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There is no doubt that prescription drugs that are available today are very powerful. Pharmaceutical drugs can cause serious addiction problems when they are misused by the people they are prescribed to or used illegally by people who do not have a valid prescription to use these drugs.


What is Stalking?

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With the vast changes in technology today, stalking laws and charges have become far more complex than in days of yore, and the variables that can constitute stalking can be somewhat confusing. However, some of the most stringent laws and penalties are on the books in California for such charges, so it is worthwhile to…


What is embezzlement?

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In order for an act to be considered embezzlement under California law, three conditions must be met: (1) A person must misappropriate someone else’s property for his or her own benefit. (2) That person must have had the intention of depriving the owner of that property or of its use. (3) The misappropriated property must…


California Bribery Laws

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Public employees and executive officers in California may try to take the easy way out of a situation with bribery. However, this is a decision that could cost one his or her own job, even jail time.  If one finds themselves in this situation, an experienced bail agent could be the answer to a quick…


Assault with a Deadly Weapon

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Under California Penal Code 240, an assault occurs when there is an unlawful attempt to commit great bodily injury to another person coupled with the ability to do so. An assault is an element in the offense of an assault with a deadly weapon (ADW). When we think of a deadly weapon, we think of…