Sacramento Bail Agent

Sacramento bail agentAs one of the most thriving cities in California, many people call Sacramento home. Since it is the capital of the state, Sacramento will always be a large city. Big cities are known for elevated crime rates. However, not all people who commit crimes in Sacramento are aware that they are breaking the law. When a person is arrested and facing charges, it is important for that individual to get out of jail as quickly as possible to fight the case. Bail agents can help accomplish this quickly.

What Bail Agents Do

A Sacramento bail agent can help a person get out of jail. Once a bail amount is set, the bail agent can collect a payment from a person who agrees to pay the bail bond. The agent handles the process of contacting the jail, filing the necessary paperwork and ensuring the jailed individual is released. Bail agents must collect information about the person who is paying the bail amount and the individual who is in jail. The agent must know where both people live and how to reach them.

Many bail agents stay current with the progress of a case after a person is released from jail. The bail agent’s main concern is that the recently released person appears in court as ordered. If the person does not appear in court, the bail agent has a legal right to pursue the individual and the person who agreed to pay the bail amount for compensation. Bail agents often call their clients to remind them of court dates, and they usually ask to be updated about the following appearance or the status of the case. For example, a bail agent would want to know if a court hearing outcome was to extend the case to another date or if it was moved to another phase such as a preliminary hearing or sentencing hearing.

What Bail Agents Charge

Bail agents meet with people who are willing to pay the bail amount of the jailed individual. In most cases, bail payments are about 10 percent of the total bail amount for a bail bond. For example, a person who wants to bail out a friend with a $50,000 bail amount would pay the bail agent $5,000. Some companies offer union discounts or other types of discounts. If the jailed person makes all required court appearances after being released, the person posting bail does not have to pay the full $50,000. However, the person paying for the bond would be liable for the remaining balance if the offender did not show up for court. Bail agents explain all of these percentages to people before they sign papers to post bail. They also cover payment arrangements. Some bail agents accept only upfront payments, and some bail agents handling larger bail amounts accept payment plans.

Anyone who has a friend or family member in jail can benefit from the services of a Sacramento bail agent. If the individual has not yet been arraigned and has a high bail amount, it is often a good idea to wait for the arraignment and suggest a bail reduction. If a reduction is granted, this can save money. However, people who want their loved ones out quickly should speak to a Sacramento bail agent immediately. Bail agents know the process well and are able to get people out of jail much faster and cheaper than an average person trying to post bail without a bail bond.


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