Bail Agent Merced

Bail Agent MercedAll bail agents in California are required to be licensed by the California Department of Insurance. By using the services that a Merced bail bonds company offers, a person who has been arrested and taken into custody can be released while awaiting their initial court date. A bail agent Merced offers a convenient and quick release alternative rather than awaiting a bond hearing and the risks that come along with it. The person who signs the bail bond guarantees that the person who has been arrested will appear at all of their court hearings. If the defendant fails to appear, the person who signs the bail bond has agreed to pay its full amount.


In return for his or her services and undertaking the risk of the total bail amount, the bail agent charges a fee equal 10 percent of that total bail amount. An eight percent fee might be available for some defendants. The agent’s fee is not refundable. Although the bail agent must personally stand behind any bail written, he or she also underwritten by an insurance company.

How are bail bond amounts set?

Every county in California has its own bail bond schedule detailing the applicable bail bond amount for common offenses that a person might be arrested for. A jail cannot accept a bail that’s less than shown in the county’s schedule. Defendants wanting to pay less must go in front of a judge. Issues that might affect a bail amount are any past criminal record, whether the defendant has a job and any close ties with family in the community or the community itself. Bail might be denied for those with warrants from other counties, and first offenders might be released on their own recognizance without having to pay bail bond at all.

The procedure
Once all paperwork has been completed with the bail agent, and the 10 percent fee has been paid, the bail agent posts the bond at the county jail that the defendant is being held in. He or she is then released. The time waiting for release is different at every jail. Depending on where the person is being held, release might occur in 30 minutes or 12 hours. In Merced County, there are two jail facilities. One is in the City of Merced, and the other is in El Nido.

What if an arrest warrant has been issued
If you know or have reason to believe that an arrest warrant has been issued, contact us right away. We might be able to deal with that warrant without you ever having to spend a minute in jail.

If somebody needs to get out of Merced County Jail fast, the most logical choice is to contact an experienced bail agent in Merced. Avoid the risks involved in going before a judge. Make that difficult situation easy, and get that person back to their family and job in a matter of hours. Just give us a call at any hour of any day, and after you answer a few questions, we’ll tell you what we think we can do for you.


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