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Bail Agent FairfieldWhen people have a relative or friend they want to release from jail by posting bail, a bail agent Fairfield, CA is the most likely person to turn to for help in this stressful situation. Some people call a Fairfield bail bonds company, that is available 24/7, not for others but for themselves. In choosing a surety bond through a bondsperson licensed by the Department of Insurance, the helpful individual on the outside selects a less expensive way to go than putting up a cash bond.

Cost of a Surety Bond

For example, if the bond is $50,000, a person putting up cash must present the entire amount. A surety bond in this instance would be $5,000 or 10 percent, which is the usual premium of the total. Once a person has been bailed out, the premium is not refundable under most circumstances.

Most bonds persons are located near the jail or sheriff’s office, but no matter where they are located, they have easy access to the information they need to bail out the accused. An agent may ask for collateral in case the accused fails to appear in court. People entering into a contract for a surety bond should understand under what circumstances, as stated in the contract, their collateral will be returned. Some agents charge additional fees. Clients should ask about additional fees before entering into an agreement. Ideally, any fees should be in the contract.

Aside from the fact that not everyone has $50.000 cash, family and friends choose to work with bail bonds persons so their assets will not be tied up for a long time. When a case will come to trial is uncertain, and money put up for cash bail is inaccessible until after the trial.

Consequences of No-Shows

If the accused skips before the trial, then the bail agent will try to find and bring back the defendant. If the person cannot be found with the help of the family member or friend, then a bounty hunter will be hired. In California, agents generally have six months to find the person. If the accused is not located, the person who entered into the agreement must pay the entire amount of the bail. The client will also be responsible for paying the bounty hunter’s fee and other expenses.

Fairfield’s Demographics 

Fairfield, located halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento. has a population of about 105,000. The area’s first inhabitants were likely Ion Indians, whose civilization first appeared 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. Among the city’s many current attractions is the Jelly Belly Factory that makes jellybeans, the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and II Fiorello Olive Oil Company, which offers tours and serves meals. Check If Fairfield is safe?

For family fun, there are parks, including Rockville Hills Regional Park, Allan Witt Park and Laurel Creek Park as well as the Scandia Family Center theme park. Golfers can hit the links at Paradise Valley Golf Course, Rancho Solano Golf Course and Green Valley Country Club.

Entering into a contract with a bondsperson is appropriate if the accused is responsible and not a flight risk. Otherwise, friends and family invite their own financial hardship. Since most defendants will appear in court, the services of a bail agent Fairfield are worth seeking when someone lands in trouble.


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