Bail Bondsman Sacramento

If you are arrested for a crime in Sacramento, there is a good chance you will receive bail after being booked into the Sacramento county jail. If you have never been in this situation before, you may have many questions about bail bonds.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the subject.

Is Everyone Entitled to Bail?

Not everyone is entitled to bail, though most are. There are certain circumstances that will prevent someone from being entitled to bail. For example, if someone has been arrested for murder, and may be at risk of fleeing, the judge can then deny bail for the accused. While in most cases everyone is entitled to bail, it is not guaranteed. The 14th Amendment states that an individual cannot be deprived of life or liberty without proper due process; it does not mean that you are entitled to it.

What Factors Affect How Much My Bail Amount is?

A judge may consider many factors in determining a bail amount such as the severity of the crime, previous criminal record, and the exact charges you are charged with.
Anytime you are picked up from law enforcment, they write a report on what happened, and include any additional information that the judge or district attorney may need to know. If you were combative, or if you were respectful are just two of the factors in the report. Both of those factors can help determine the bail amount. If you are respectful and aren’t beligerent with the authorities during a high stress time of arrest, then they may be a bit lenient on you.

Can a Bail Bondsman Help Me Lower My Bail Amount?
A bali bondsman does not have the authority to lower your bail amount. What a bail bondsman can do for you is possibly lower the percentage of the bail amount you need. For example, if a judge sets your bail at $10,000 you need to come up with ten percent, which would be $1,000 to the bail bondsman. The bail bondsman can reduce the percentage amount that they want upfront. The bail amount gets paid to the courts and a bail bondsman usually advances that money to them and the accused needs to pay the bondsman directly.

How Does a Bail Bondsman Post Bail on My Behalf?
The bail bondsman posts bail in the full amount and it is up to accused to make the payments to the bail bondsman. A bondsman posts bail and signs papers ensuring the judge that his client will appear at their scheduled court date. While most people will keep their court dates so they can get the issue resolved, you have some that will skip out on the hearing. Once a person skips out on a hearing, then the bail is revoked and is ordered to be arrested and held until the case is put on calendar. At this point, a bail bondsman Sacramento can then put a bounty on the individual so that a bounty hunter will track them down and bring them in. After all, it is the bondsman that ensured the courts that their client will make their appearance.

Being charged with a crime can be life-altering. However, bail can help you get out of jail and continue to work and support your family until your case goes to trial. Getting answers to questions you have about bail bondsman in Sacramento will help you to better understand the process.


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