Bail agents and booking process

Bail Agent Sacramento citySacramento is a city that is no stranger to crime. More than 4,416 crimes occur in Sacramento per year, which means that police officers and law administrators are quite busy. An arrest can be frustrating for any person regardless of his or her innocence. A bail bond agent in Sacramento can help, but not before the accused person goes through the initial arrest and booking process. Sacramento citizens will want to have the phone number to a reliable bail bond company to call in case of a legal emergency.

About the Booking Process

The booking process begins with a trip to a holding cell for any person. The arresting officer and some administrators will process the accused person. The work may take one hour or many hours. Several factors determine the processing time. Some of the most common factors that determine processing time are jail size, crime action and staffing. Processing involves fingerprinting, picture taking and entering the crime into the computer system. The law enforcement persons will contact a judge about setting a court date and bail amount, as well.

The arrested person may have to pay bail before he or she can leave the jail. If the accused person cannot gather the bail money, the jail will keep that person until the court date arises. The time the person spends in jail can prevent him or her from getting to work or performing other crucial duties.

Reasons That a Person May Have to Pay Bail

The deciding judge reviews three multiple elements before deciding whether the defendant has to pay bail. The judge considers many factors such as:

  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • The nature of the crime
  • Prior bail skipping

A rocky criminal history may be a cause for a judge to issue a bail bond to a case. A judge will order a bail if the dependent has a history of being a flight risk, as well. A flight risk is someone who has skipped bail in the past or has an escape charge on his or her record. The nature of the crime is sometimes a huge determining factor. Certain crimes always call for a bail bond. Crimes that are likely to require bail are crimes such as assault, murder, embezzlement, burglary and the like. The judge will determine bail amount by the severity of the crime. Bail can be as little as $500 or as high as $1,000,000, depending on the crime.

How the Bail Bond Process Works

Some accused persons do not have the money to pay their bail. Their family members and friends may be unable or unwilling to help them. In such cases, a bail agent in Sacramento can provide the necessary funding. The bail bond agent acts as a temporary “lender” who pays the bail amount to the jail so that the jail sets the defendant free. Anyone who is interested in the defendant’s welfare can apply for bail bond assistance.

The first step in the process is contacting a reliable bail bond agent. The prospective client can contact the agent by phone or online form. Someone will arrange a meeting if possible. Some bail bonds in Sacramento offer telephone preapproval, which shortens the process. The bail bondsman will ask questions about the defendant, the crime, the jail, and the applicant. The agent may run a credit check and respond accordingly by asking for collateral. A client can use the deed to a home or the title to a car to ensure that the defendant sticks to his or her end of the bargain.

The applicant will have to complete paperwork and sign an agreement before the bail bond company begins the process of freeing the defendant. The company will charge a modest fee for its services, as well. Many bondsmen charge 10 percent of the bail amount for the fee. The fee covers paperwork, labor, and travel expenses for the people who work for the bail bond company. Consider reading about what a bail agent charges

After the client pays the fee, the bondsman proceeds to help set the defendant free. He or she will visit the jail and pay the expenses. The process may take several hours or as many as 24 hours depending on the workload.

Choosing the Best Bail Agent in Sacramento

It would be wise for a prospective client to compare several bail bond companies before choosing one to help. The qualities that the person will look for is honesty, reliability, affordability, tenure, and courtesy. People are in distress when they are trying to help a loved one, so they need an office that truly cares. Customers look for bail bond agents that offer easy payment plans and approval, as well. Positive consumer reviews are a plus. The prospective customer should select the best choice and then call the top candidate for help.


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