Bail Agent Auburn

Bail Agent AuburnThere may come a time when a person in Auburn, California finds themselves in court for a number of reasons. In many cases, they may be given a chance to pay the court bail rather than spend time in jail. When the bail requirement is more than a person can afford, that person will want to find a trustworthy Auburn bail bonds company, and contact a bail agent.  The agent will pay the bail amount to the court, and charge the person using their services a percentage of the bail amount as payment.


A person released on a surety bond is over 27 percent more likely to appear back in court for trial when compared to a defendant who is released on their own recognizance. A bail agent Auburn makes it possible to decrease overcrowding in jails at no expense to taxpayers. The majority of individuals remain in jail for a number of different reasons, but not being able to afford bail is not one of them. A defendant is less likely to be offered a bond if they have prior arrests, convictions or have an active case with the criminal justice system.


It is common for a bail bond agent auburn to charge a client a fee equal to 10 percent of the bail amount for a state criminal charge. When it comes to a federal criminal charge, a person may be charged 15 percent of the bail amount. In California, the bail amount can be reduced to 8 percent if an attorney refers the person accused of a crime to the bail agent. The fee amount paid is not returned to the client when they meet their obligation and return to court.


A bail agent will have a security agreement in place with local court officials. This will act as an irrevocable blanket bond. This agreement pays the court should any of a bail agent’s clients not appear on a determined court date. The bail agent will also have an agreement in place with a financial institution such as a bank, insurance company or another type of lender. It enables them to draw funds to provide a bail even when the institution is closed. These arrangements make it possible for a bail agent not to have to deposit cash or property with a court each time they provide a bond for a new client.

Skipping Bail

If the client of a bail agent auburn does not show up on their court date, a bail agent is permitted by law to physically return their client to court. This is something that must be done so they can recover the money they paid under the bond agreement. In many cases, a bail agent will utilize the services of a bounty hunter. This is a difficult situation for a bail agent. They will have to pay a bounty hunter a finder’s fee. It is important for them to maintain a good relationship ship with the surety company who is sponsoring them and not experience too many losses.

Bail Agent Requirements

There are certain requirements a person must meet to work as a bail agent. They need to be at least 18 years old. A person must have earned a high school diploma or have a GED. It is common form a bail agent to have a college degree in a subject such as economics, finance, business administration and more. They may complete a course covering pre-licensing. These courses provide individuals with the basics of bail bond practices, principals, the bail bond process and more. They must then pass the California state licensing exam. A person needs to be in a financial position to meet surety obligations. They must also have a surety company sponsorship.


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