Fairfield, CA

Park PictureFairfield History

Located in Solano County, California, Fairfield is known as the midpoint between both San Francisco and Sacramento. Compared to the rest of California, Fairfield is situated right in the North-eastern section of the Bay Area. It was first discovered in 1856 by captain Robert H. Waterman, ultimately being named after his old hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut.

Fairfield is made up of 37.6 square miles, according to the United States Census Bureau, with 34.4 of those square miles being land and 3.2 of them being water. In fact, the entire area is 5.65% water. Here, the city is centered right in the California Costal Ranges, with Fairfield being right under Suisun Bay and northeast of the San Pablo Bay.

According to the City of Fairfield’s website, Native Americans were some of the earliest inhabitants of this town. Many of those Native Americans were from the Ion culture and ultimately settled right in the Rockville and Green Valley areas. This has been discovered thanks to the artifacts that come out of this time, showing that Fairfield housed some of the oldest Native American settlements known in the northern parts of California.

Fairfield Demographics

As far as the demographics go, in 2010 the United States Census reported that Fairfield was made up of 105,321 individuals. This population came in at a density of 2,798.5 people per every square mile. 48,407 of those people were white, while 16,586 were African American. Then, 869 were Native American, 15,700 were Asian, 1,149 were Pacific Islanders,28,789 were Hispanic and 13,301 were from other races. 9,309 of the population even came from two or more races.

Within this population, 28,499 of the people were under the age of 18, 11,246 people were ages 18 to 24, 28,917 people were ages 25 to 44, 25,884 people were ages 45 to 64 and 10,775 people came in at 65 years of age or older. The overall median of all the Fairfield residents was 33.7 years. Then, for every 100 females that inhabited this area, there were 97 males.

Fairfield Employers

Fairfield is the home of many different kinds of companies. Compared to other places, this town features a very diverse sort of economy. Some of the big employers there include the government, manufacturing, health care, retail and construction. In particular, Anheuser-Busch is a top company there, as it has a large regional Budweiser brewery situated right in Fairfield. Besides Anheuser-Busch, Clorox also has a factor there where bleach products are produced. Then, there is the Jelly Belly Candy Company’s office in Fairfield where jelly beans are manufactured. However, the main employer in Fairfield is the Travis Air Force Base, which has 14,353 employees. The county of Solano rakes in at the second biggest employer in Fairfield, with 2,850 employees.

Fairfield Recreation

Within Fairfield, there are plenty of shopping centers and other sorts of entertainment to keep residents occupied. This is especially true in Downtown Fairfield. The city even hosts annual festivals for its citizens. However, Fairfield is mainly known for their parks. For starters, there is the Rockville Hills Regional Park. This park is found right on Rockville Road in Fairfield. There, people can go hiking or bicycling, as well as walking on one of the many trails. Then, there is the Alan Witt Park. This
one hosts all sorts of water activities like slides, a youth play pool, «lazy river», and indoor activity park. Alan Witt Park also offers tennis courts, picnic areas, volleyball courts and a skate park for those who want to get active while out in Fairfield.

There is clearly tons to do while out in Fairfield, making it a must-see destination in California.


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