Marysville, CA

ParkMarysville, CA, is a thriving and bustling community that is about 40 miles north of Sacramento. The community began as a ranch that traded hands a number of times until French surveyor Augustus Le Plongeon was hired to create a community in 1850. The town was named after the wife of Charles Covillaud, who was the first individual to discover gold in the countryside. Over time, the community swelled to over 10,000 as people poured into the area searching for gold. Although the growth of the community slowed significantly after the rush for gold ended, a number of residents continued to live in the town. One of the best places to learn more about the community is the Mary Aaron Museum.


According to the United States Census of 2010, the community had a population of 12,072. Whites, who are also referred to as European Americans, made up for 71 percent of the population. Blacks, or African Americans, made up less than four percent. Other people groups include Native Americans, Latino and Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The census found that about one third of the population had children under the age of 18 living in them. Due to the fact that the community is next to the Yuba River and close to the Feather River, it is in danger from floodwaters. When the Sierra Nevada receives significant snow amounts during the winter months, the runoff water has the potential to affect local homes and stores. Locals understand that the potential for flooding is quite real. Fortunately, the possibility of floodwaters become a rallying cry that brings young and old together in order to protect Marysville. Fortunately, the possibility of flooding does not occur on a frequent basis.

Local Information

The West Coast Falconry features a wide variety of birds of prey that are available to be seen. There are plenty of experiences and interesting classes that children and adults can attend. Children can learn about falcons or see a real owl in person. Another popular attraction for individuals is the historic Bok Kai Temple that was established during the gold rush around the time of the 1800’s by Chinese immigrants. Great dining options are available families, couples and individuals to experience. Available establishments feature cuisine, such as Chinese, Italian and American. Outdoor enthusiasts love to visit Ellis Lake, which is a centerpiece of the area. Originally, it was not very attractive place to be, but community leaders hired the renowned Robbie McLaren to turn the swampland into an attractive lake for residents and visitors. McLaren created an amazing place for people to go for a stroll and enjoy the manmade lake. Not only that, but children go swimming in the lake during the summertime. There are fishing and opportunities as well. In fact, the lake is stocked with fish for a special day for children to come to the lake in order to catch fish. Marysville, CA, is a wonderful community. There are plenty of parks, recreational activities and fabulous people to meet. The community has a toy drive during the Christmas season, and there is a Christmas parade that is always enjoyable. Homes are available to be purchased that can fit into many budgets. All of this and more make the community the place to be.


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