Month: October 2021

 What is a kingpin statute?

in Bail Bondsman, Laws A kingpin is a person who is known to control an extensive network of people. They deal with illegal operations mostly illegal drugs. Prosecution of a drug kingpin is a well-planned infiltration in their drug network by using a snitch within the drug organization. The U.S government made the kingpin statute law back in the… Read More

What is a slip and fall lawyer & how important is this?

in Laws What is a slip and fall lawyer & how important is this? If you have been involved in a slip and fall injury, you need to start early getting the help that you need. After contacting a physician to receive the medical treatment that is needed, your next step is to contact an attorney for… Read More

Warrants: What You Need to Know

in Laws There are several different types of warrants issued, but they all have a couple of general things in common. A warrant is a document issued by an authorized individual or a judicial officer, such as a judge, commanding or giving permission to the police to act out or administer some action in the name of… Read More

What is wrongful termination? How can legally deal with it?

in Laws What Is Wrongful Termination? How Can Legally Deal With It? Most individuals who get terminated from work always feel the termination was incorrect, especially with no actual reason. The question lingers- is it hard to prove wrongful termination? The law states that wrongful termination is when an employer wrongfully fires or terminates an employee for… Read More