Month: April 2020

Understanding Criminal Conspiracy Charges in California

in Laws In California, criminal charges may be filed for a crime known as a criminal conspiracy. A conspiracy charge can have significant consequences, including incarceration. A person arrested for conspiracy may remain incarcerated while the case is pending unless bail is paid. To post bail, you can contact a bail bonds company to make the necessary… Read More

Facing Rape Charges in California: Can You Get Out on Bail?

in Laws California rape laws include the possibility of significant penalties. When a person is arrested for rape, the court may allow you to be released on bail while the case is pending. Bail for rape depends upon several different factors. If a bail amount is set, then you can work with a bail bonds company to… Read More

Sentencing: Aggravating and Mitigating Factors

in Laws Being placed under arrest is a truly terrifying experience. It may seem like the end of your life, and it is tempting to fall into depression and despair. But there is still a chance to recover from the unfortunate circumstance that led to the arrest. The first step on this path is to secure your… Read More

Duress in California’s Criminal Law

in Laws A lot of people commit crimes such as murder, extortion, and theft because they feel they were driven to do so due to external pressure. Nonetheless, there are genuine cases where individuals commit crimes because they were pushed to the wall and their lives and maybe of others were put in danger. In such cases,… Read More